Why You Should Care About Pinterest


Are you just becoming accustomed to the idea of social media? Well here comes another that’s growing in popularity: Pinterest. One thing that is different about Pinterest is that it focuses less on updates about the day-to-day and more on the interests of the users. This encourages creativity among its user base.

But that doesn’t explain what it is. The meaning is inside the name. Pinterest is a combination of the words “pin” and “interest”. Inside your account you have “pinboards,” similar to bulletin boards. You can make these public or not, and then “pin” images of stuff you are interested in onto these and make notes about these images.

Creating Pinterest Categories

Creating categories will allow you to organize your account and allow people to decide what in your account they want to focus on. You could choose to share all of your pinboards with other users or only a couple. You can not only make notes about the images you pin to your pinboard, but you can also add links to sites where you found the pictures.

The Social Part of Pinterest

Of course, social interaction forms the heart of Pinterest. You can decide to follow people much like you would on Facebook or Twitter. But you can also choose to follow specific collections. Say someone has a number of old movie poster images that you find fascinating. But she also has a collection of images of her 3-year-old son that doesn’t quite appeal to you as much. You can choose to follow her movie posters while ignoring her toddler.

Joining Pinterest

This is the most difficult part about Pinterest. You have to be invited to sign up. You can visit pinterest.com and request an invitation but there is no telling how long it will take to get your invitation. One surefire way is to ask a friend that has a Pinterest account to invite you.

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