One Easy Way to Improve Your Career

improve your careerFinding employment these days is not an easy task. This means you have to put your best foot forward when interviewing. A good way to do this is dress the part.

Does that surprise you? Despite our increasingly casual world, what you wear at the office could affect your job prospects and overall career!

Here is an easy rule for any job interview: Overdressed is far better than under-dressed. Even if you are interviewing for a company with a relaxed working environment, you still have to wear proper business attire to your interview. The better dressed you are, the more you show yourself off as someone who is focused on their career and this particular job. When you show up to an interview dressed down, you’re starting from a weaker position.

Then you have the workplace itself. If you happen to work in a casual environment, one in which formal business attire is not required, you can still dress for success. It might seem obvious, but always wear clean clothes. Resist the urge to throw on last night’s jeans. Try to always take into consideration the clothes you are wearing, something that looks good, or is business casual clothes. Looking sharp will set you apart as a professional.

This may be unnecessary to say, but regardless of how sharp you dress, you will still need to be a good worker. Anyone can see through your “look” if your work doesn’t back it up. But the point is, if you’re a great worker, looking like you respect your position and job can’t hurt!

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