WordPress: A Growing Platform


Once used chiefly as a blogging platform, WordPress is now probably the most popular website publishing and content management tools on the web. According to Tech Crunch, about 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the U.S. run WordPress. What’s more, one of the most popular publishers in the world uses WordPress.

Here are 7 things you should know about WordPress:

  1. With WordPress you don’t have to rebuild your pages every time you want to update your site. Updating your content is fast and easy, as WordPress has dynamic page generation.
  2. You can get a subdomain for free! If you register with WordPress to obtain a free site, you can easily name your free subdomain like this: www.yourname.wordpress.org.
  3. WordPress also provides what they call their ‘famous 5-minute install’, which makes it uncomplicated to install WordPress if you already have a domain and a hosting service. What’s more, no coding skills necessary.
  4. If you do own your own domain there are some minimum requirements to run WordPress. You’ll want to ensure you have the appropriate and compliant versions of PHP and MySQL. This will ensure you can receive appropriate WordPress support as required.
  5. There are countless great looking templates (known as “themes”) available from various sources on the Internet. Many are free, some are not. In either case, choosing the best design for your website is easy and quick.
  6. WordPress offers centralized management for all of your pages, posts, multimedia assets, and reader comments. It’s also really easy to manage users and user profiles.
  7. WordPress is e-commerce friendly. You will find loads of plugins developed by users to help you to advertise, review, and also sell products. Which means you don’t need to find other payment systems or other add-ons, they can be found quickly from the WordPress community.

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