Some Tech Was Not Meant to Fly

technologySmartphones, iPads, iPods, and notebook computers remain some of the must-have gadgets of the last five years. However, for every iPad there’s an Apple TV—a tech failure. Organizations take a chance when they send a new piece of technology into the market. There’s no assurance that no matter how cool or handy a gadget is that it’ll become popular with the buying public. That being said, here is a quick look at some of the most commonly known technology failures of the last 10 years.

Famous tech failures

  • Apple TV: Apple TV lets customers buy their entertainment directly from iTunes and stream it on their computers, handheld devices, or TVs. The unfortunate thing about this, which may be the explanation for its less then popular ranking, is that it is somewhat limited to iTunes.
  • Sony Mylo: You will possibly not remember the Mylo. That’s because it came and went without eliciting much response from consumers. This Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device allowed consumers to connect to the Internet, send e-mail, and hold online chats. In addition, it came with Skype for free Internet calls. Sadly for Sony, the iPhone and its huge app store simply overwhelmed the Mylo.

The Segway peters out

  • Segway PT: The Segway PT scooter hasn’t exactly been a flop. Nevertheless, it never caught on in the manner its manufacturers anticipated. This two-wheeled transportation machine was said to be a must-have for commuters traveling to work and for family members taking short trips to their local grocery store. Unfortunately, the scooter makes people look kind of silly when they are riding it. Maybe this is why the device hasn’t become a mainstream replacement for cars.

The CueCat doesn’t purr

  • CueCat: The CueCat was a portable barcode reader shaped like a cat. Consumers would use it to scan any barcode and it would navigate them to the company’s website. This didn’t catch on but did it pave the way for QR codes?

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