Internet Services

Internet Services

Having a reliable Internet connection is absolutely essential for businesses today. In order to stay competitive, operate efficiently, and facilitate quick and effective communication, you need high quality Internet connectivity. Fast and secure Internet services will boost both your productivity and cost effectiveness.

Determining your Internet service requirements

When selecting an Internet service for your company, it's important to first establish what your organization's needs are in terms of budget, speed, and other factors. Here are a few details you'll want to consider when determining your Internet service requirements:

Private vs. public Internet

After you define your unique Internet connectivity requirements, you'll need to decide which type of service would work best for your business. Your organization has a wide range of options to choose from, falling under the two categories of public and private Internet.

Public Internet options include the following:

Private Internet services include these kinds of connections:

Why you should turn to trusted advisors

An advisory firm like Stratosphere Networks that partners with major ISPs can give you an unbiased opinion on your options. Additionally, if you go through us for Internet services rather than working directly with the carrier, you can gain access to a higher level of customer support and rely on a single vendor for all of your Internet account management needs, even if you have multiple locations that use different carriers.

Next Steps

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