Wide Area Network (WAN) Design

A reliable and secure network is crucial for any business that wants to reach maximum efficiency and productivity. For companies with one location, a Local Area Network (LAN) can do the job, but those with multiple locations across a broad geographic area need a different setup beyond LANs to connect all of the sites. A Wide Area Network (WAN) is the primary way to create a multisite structure and can connect different locations across an expansive area, whether it's the whole country or even the world. Larger companies often use WANs to allow for the exchange of data between various sites of operations.

How a WAN Works

A WAN takes systems at different sites and makes them appear as if they're one system at one location, although they continue to operate autonomously. If one system goes down for any reason, the rest will still operate without it. While LANs connect specific computers, WANs usually link LANs.

A WAN might connect a company's different locations using point-to-point links with lines that are usually leased from a carrier/phone company; circuit switching (which functions like using a normal phone line for calls, initiating communications when necessary and terminating them when done); or packet switching, which involves a carrier establishing virtual circuits between sites.

Why WAN? Business Benefits and the Design Process

Our partners can design a multisite WAN system to fit your company's unique needs and help you optimize your operations. A customized WAN can benefit your business in a number of ways, including the following:

Certified technicians and IT experts will assess and analyze your company's unique characteristics and needs when mapping out your network. They'll consider factors like security architeture, number of sites and projected growth, redundancy, the types of infrastructure required, and more.

After your network design team finishes the design and planning process, they'll go on-site to install your new custom WAN and test it to ensure it functions as expected.

Following the installation, they can also help you ensure your WAN continues to operate at peak performance with security, proactive monitoring, and infrastructure management services and offerings.

Next Steps

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