Backup Disaster & Recovery for CFO's Overview

Backup Disaster Recovery, also known as BDR, is the golden egg for every C-Level executive - without it, your company is taking on a huge risk. This is a top priority for everyone, not only CFO's, but also CEO and stakeholders. Based on research done by CA Technologies, "majority of North American businesses are losing over $160,000 per year through IT technological downtime, with the average North American company suffering at least 10 hours of IT technological downtime per year." *

Because of these unexpected interruptions, corporate revenue takes a deep plunge of 30%. Downtime can also result in unhappy customers, bad press, and, ultimately, lost business opportunities. Something CFO never want to happen, ever.

Stratosphere Networks understands the effects a technical disaster can have on a company. Our partners offer backup and disaster recovery programs for both on-site and hosted data centers.

By having a BDR system for your system we will ensure...

Which is something every CFO is searching for. Congratulations on finding the golden egg. Now use it wisely.

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