10 Tech Trends to Watch in 2018


Technology isn’t slowing down. In fact, it’s changing at a rapid pace. It’s deeply intertwined with our personal and professional lives. Now, with the new year in progress, advancements are on the way, and there are plenty of things to look out for. To give you an idea of what to keep an eye on, here are our choices for tech trends to watch in 2018.

1. Centralized software. “Smart” technology is a subject most of us are familiar with by now. Machine learning and its application to everyday devices is slowly becoming the norm.

Centralized apps and software will likely take center stage this year. Apps and software hubs that control things like security, utilities, and communication are on the way. Just take a look at the Google Dot or Amazon’s Alexa.

2. Improved artificial intelligence (AI). Machine learning will find itself interwoven with various technologies and software. It will appear gradually throughout professional and personal services.

3. Big data (even bigger). Data saturation is at an all-time high and is still growing. That ties into our other predictions – app centralization and AI. Personal data will saturate the Web, and digital footprints will reach newfound levels of permanence. What this means is uncertain. But if you thought big data couldn’t get larger, prepare for a new surge of info.

4. Voice search and recognition. Gone are the days where a phone can’t understand a clear sentence. Voice recognition is getting better, and that means cooperative hardware, like smartphones, are utilizing it.

This also has big implications for SEO and how that’s interpreted. Expect voice recognition evolution to be a big part of 2018.

5. Automation. In 2018, machines and algorithms will keep looking to improve tasks and potentially take over jobs with automation. Again, AI and machine learning play a big role in this, so as one sector improves, so will the other.

6. Wireless charging. You might have heard a rumor that the newest iPhone will feature wireless charging. In fact, there are current smartphone models that feature this.

Though it’s taking its tentative first steps, wireless charging is bound to be another big part of conventional 2018 tech.

7. Smart cars. Self-driving vehicles still have a long way to go before mass adoption, but with improved tech and reactive AI, it’s likely we’ll see more of this as 2018 marches on.

8. Voice assistants. Though we mentioned Amazon Alexa, Google is looking to make some huge moves with a voice assistant as well. How this will impact businesses and homes remains to be seen, but we may very well soon live in an age where we can turn on a coffee maker with a voice command from our bedroom.

9. Virtual reality. While still very much confined in the entertainment and video game sector, virtual reality is quickly changing into a full-fledged, immersive experience. This could potentially change how businesses operate (e.g., they might demonstrate products in a virtual environment).

10. Internet of Things (IoT). With all this emphasis on smart tech, the Internet of Things will continue to expand and offer new functions and possibilities for both companies and individuals.

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