4 Things to Know About VMware’s New Cross-Cloud Solution

Day SkylineMany businesses have embraced cloud computing technology to achieve greater efficiency, allow for more flexibility, and make applications and data accessible for anywhere at any time. Among companies running applications on and/or experimenting with cloud solutions, it’s common to use more than one cloud. On average, cloud users are leveraging three public clouds and three private clouds, according to the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud survey.

Managing different cloud solutions and ensuring information and applications stay secure across those platforms can prove difficult. To help businesses looking to establish a common operating space to run and secure applications across various clouds, VMware recently announced that it will extend its hybrid cloud strategy with new Cross-Cloud Architecture. Here are just a few of the things you should know about the new cross-cloud solution and how it can potentially benefit your business.

1. The Cross-Cloud Architecture lets you achieve consistent deployment, security, governance, and visibility for all applications across various clouds and devices.

2. The new offering gives users access to the benefits of a hybrid cloud platform. It has all of the flexibility, speed, and cost containment of the public cloud along with the high-level security, compliance, and governance capabilities of private cloud solutions.

3. Cross-cloud capabilities allow businesses to optimize operations by eliminating and avoiding the silos that result from incompatibility between different cloud solutions.

4. VMware delivers its Cross-Cloud Architecture through Cloud Foundation, a unified software-defined data center platform that combines vSphere, Virtual SAN, and NSX to offer enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure. Cloud Foundation is expected to become generally available in Q3 2016.

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