5 recommended IT resolutions for 2023

Overhead view of a spiral notepad resting on a laptop keyboard with "2023 To Do List" and a 5-point numbered list written on it.With 2022 behind us and 2023 just beginning, it’s a great time to reflect on what you’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year. If you’re contemplating your company’s 2023 trajectory and deciding what you’d like to achieve in terms of technology initiatives, we’re here to help. As you adjust your business strategy for 2023, here are some IT resolutions you might want to make.

1. Find technology advisors who challenge you.

The right tech advisors will help you make sense of complex and swiftly changing marketplaces, question your assumptions, and ensure that inefficient internal decision-making processes don’t paralyze your team. After thoroughly assessing your business and IT environment, our advisors can offer insights into which products and services would benefit your organization the most. For details, please take a look at our previous blog entry, “Why you need IT advisors who question the status quo.”

2. Refresh your IT roadmap.

Any seasoned traveler knows you’re less likely to get lost if you have a detailed map. The same holds true for your business as you forge a path toward success supported by technologies that align with your needs and objectives. The tech landscape is never the same year-to-year, so it’s wise to revisit your IT roadmap annually and change your course based on new and emerging technologies, novel security threats, and so on. For further guidance, see our “5 key considerations for your 2023 IT roadmap.”

3. Implement a zero-trust approach to security.

As cybercriminals intensify their efforts to breach corporate IT environments, it’s become clear that a zero-trust strategy is the best option for businesses that want to thwart attackers’ attempts to access sensitive data. Organizations with zero-trust security frameworks save nearly $1 million in average breach costs compared to those without a zero-trust approach, according to IBM’s 2022 Cost of a data breach report. For more information, check out our previous blog entry, “Still haven’t adopted a zero-trust strategy? Here’s why you should ASAP.”

4. Identify your ideal Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform.

The right UCaaS solution will allow your team members to collaborate and communicate from anywhere across multiple channels, such as email, SMS, and videoconferencing, in addition to voice. However, with so many UCaaS platforms in the marketplace, it can be challenging to determine which best aligns with your business needs. Our advisors can leverage their extensive UCaaS experience, our vast partner network, and advanced tools to speed up the purchasing process and pinpoint the perfect solution for your organization.

5. Deliver a better CX with an AI-powered cloud contact center solution.

Customer experience (CX) is a make-or-break factor for modern businesses. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) software can support better experiences with artificial intelligence. Features and functionalities such as intelligent routing, smart IVR and chatbots, sentiment analysis, predictive analytics, and more can increase efficiency and make it easier for contact center agents to resolve customers’ issues quickly and effectively. In the same way that we can find the best UCaaS software for your business, we can also identify cloud contact center solutions that meet your requirements.

Graphic of a clipboard with a checklist that includes these items: * Find tech advisors who challenge the status quo * Refresh IT roadmap * Adopt a zero-trust security strategy * Identify ideal UCaaS solution * Enhance CX with artificial intelligence.

Our trusted technology advisors can assist you if you’d like expert assistance to ensure you keep your IT resolutions. We have extensive experience with a wide range of IT solutions – including cloud phone systems, cloud contact center software, CX solutions, managed IT and cybersecurity, and more.

Our advisors can streamline the shopping around process by conducting in-depth research, scheduling demos, and utilizing advanced tools to generate objective comparison matrices. On top of all that, working with us won’t cost you any more than going straight to the supplier, thanks to our price parity guarantee.

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