Your 2024 IT forecast: 4 technology predictions for the upcoming year

Picture of a road that says "2024" on it in the foreground.If the 2020s have taught us anything so far, it’s that you can speculate about the future but never know for certain how the timeline will actually unfold. That’s especially true in the realm of technology since it evolves so rapidly.

Still, based on where we are today, we can make educated guesses about how the tech landscape will shift in 2024. If you’re wondering what the upcoming year has in store for IT, here are some notable predictions from industry experts.

1. AI risk management will become a pressing concern.

Widespread utilization of generative artificial intelligence and the technology’s incorporation into business applications will make AI trust, risk and security management a top priority for organizations, according to Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2024.

Without proper attention to risk management, the resulting issues stemming from AI will outweigh the benefits, Gartner VP Analyst Bart Willemsen stated during a November 30 webinar on the 2024 strategic technology trends.

Less than half (47 percent) of CIOs and technology leaders are confident in their organization’s ability to mitigate AI risks, according to the 2023 Gartner AI Survey and noted in the Gartner 2023 IT Symposium/Xpo™ Keynote Insights.

2. IT talent will be in short supply.

In 2024, 41 percent of organizations plan on expanding their in-house IT teams, according to the Spiceworks 2024 State of IT Report. However, 63 percent of senior tech leaders also report hiring skilled IT workers is currently a challenge, an increase from 58 percent last year.

That means businesses will likely grapple with an IT talent shortage during the coming year. This will be especially difficult as companies seek workers with AI expertise. A whopping 87 percent of C-level executives have struggled to find AI talent, according to a July 2023 survey conducted by the online learning platform edX.

3. Everyone will need overhauled security awareness training.

Generative AI has supercharged phishing campaigns and otherwise significantly altered the IT security landscape. In turn, businesses will need to employ “next-gen” security awareness programs in 2024, according to the SecurityWeek article “Five Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024.” New training will include guidance on recognizing and dodging AI-powered social engineering tactics.

4. Sustainability will be a top priority.

Within two years, CIOs will be held responsible for sustainability outcomes, according to Willemsen of Gartner. He also noted that many regulatory and legislative bodies are moving toward requiring corporate environmental and social responsibility disclosures. Subsequently, business and technology leaders must focus on sustainable tech in 2024.

“The best time to have prevented lasting damage to our environment was yesterday,” Willemsen said during the webinar. “The next best time is probably today.”

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