8 IT Resolutions for 2017

PlanAs a new year begins, it’s crucial to have all IT departments updated. This includes IT solutions for the coming year to tackle new issues and services. To help you, we’ve put together some resolutions in an effort to help prevent problems like downtime.

1. Invest in encryption/security. Malicious attacks and third party methods of assault evolve on a daily basis. Some of them are vicious, like ransomware. Malware can prove almost impossible to remove, so to curtail this, look for the cutting edge in software security.

2. Focus on data analytics. Nothing’s more useful to IT and businesses than hard data. This lets everyone see the skeleton of information, including incoming/outgoing connections, costs, production by sector, virtualization, scalability, etc. With so much emphasis on big data, you’re going to want every opportunity to analyze it.

3. Don’t forget about data preservation. Of course, what good is all this information if you can’t safeguard it? It has to be protected, reserved, and secured. Whether this is through some third party service or something managed by onsite IT depends on your organization’s needs, but you should always invest in backup and disaster recovery.

4. Strengthen your brand. Make sure IT has a clear focus on strengthening your company brand, if applicable. Don’t let your reputation fall apart. IT can invest time and resources into monitoring brand positivity via social media and other sources of data.

5. Upgrade legacy systems. While old infrastructure might be intertwined with your company, it’s high time to get those upgrades going. Switching phone systems to VoIP, cloud computing instead of physical servers, and emulation to run software are all part of moving on from legacy solutions.

6. Update your operating systems. Fluency in mobile connectivity is getting big, and operating systems – namely Windows 10 – reflect that. Modern IT teams benefit greatly from the fluid features of Microsoft’s latest OS, so you owe it to them and their solution process to give them access to the best tools.

7. Achieve mobile connectivity. Speaking of mobile fluency, the world is increasingly reliant on solutions that allow employees to work on the go. IT solutions should center around mobile connectivity. Allowing your IT department to work from anywhere is a major godsend that cuts down on costs and increases productivity.

8. Improve team scrutiny. When IT can focus on the big problems instead of getting caught up in the minutiae of small issues, they’re more productive. This can be accomplished by getting your workforce on the up and up with proper security practices. Enforce education and rules for keeping the whole company safe.

Focusing on these resolutions will help make 2017 a smooth year for your business. Good luck in 2017!

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