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Online Invoicing Made Simple

Did you start your business because you love paperwork? Not likely, unless you’re an accountant of course. Most likely, you started your business because you love the job, product, or service you sell. As a business owner, however, you can’t … Read more >

Will a real-time threat feed limit damage from cyber crimes

Cyber crimes happen everyday, and everyday IT security companies track and record details around these attacks. Microsoft is upping its game and releasing a real-time threat feed so that its fellow partners can study current threats it finds and learn … Read more >

Security in the Cloud: Part 2

The cloud can be a great thing for small business owners battling through tough economic times. Rather than purchasing pricey enterprise software, business owners can save their dollars by accessing powerful computing programs in the cloud, everything from high-end word … Read more >

Security in the Cloud: Part 1

There are numerous advantages to cloud computing. Backing up important data makes it readily available to everyone in your company and frees up space on your servers. You almost certainly have many concerns about cloud security and might be pondering … Read more >

Disaster Preparedness

If you’re a business owner, you might be aware that disasters can occur. Disasters can come in many forms. Suppose there is an earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster that destroys all of your data? Imagine if a well-meaning employee … Read more >

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