Cyber Corner

Bots creating bait: What AI-generated phishing emails mean for cybersecurity

Imagine receiving an email from your boss that seems a little off. Maybe he’s requesting a password or financial information he should be able to access without your help. You remember your security awareness training on how to spot phishing … Read more >

When ChatGPT gets hacked: How to safeguard your data in the generative AI era

ChatGPT can perform various tasks. It can compose poems, brainstorm blog ideas, and rapidly produce drafts of everything from short stories to research papers (albeit with dubious levels of accuracy due to its tendency to “hallucinate”). What it can’t do, … Read more >

How to calculate your risk appetite: Accepting the impossibility of flawless IT security

In the world of cybersecurity, the pursuit of perfection is a futile endeavor. You could devote every last cent of your company’s budget to fending off threats and still get hacked tomorrow, Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst Paul Proctor explained in … Read more >

What ChatGPT means for cybersecurity

Unless you’ve been avoiding the news recently, you’re probably aware of ChatGPT, a language learning model introduced by OpenAI in November 2022. The intelligent chatbot has elicited excitement and concern due to its many potential applications, from fielding search queries … Read more >

Top 5 cybersecurity trends to watch in 2023

Fighting cybersecurity threats is like playing the arcade game Whac-A-Mole: As soon as you tackle one problem, a new one pops up. Just as there will always be another mole to whack, there will always be new security threats to … Read more >

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