IT Consulting Review

Why artificial intelligence can’t replace human intelligence

Humans have long feared that machines will advance to the point that they outsmart us and take over the world. It’s been a common theme in Sci-Fi movies (e.g., The Matrix franchise) for years. However, concerns about AI getting the … Read more >

How to provide more personalized customer service with the right technology

When you log in to Netflix or Amazon, your home page is anything but generic. These companies offer viewing and shopping recommendations based on your tastes and past purchases. This strategy is called hyper-personalization and has become the hallmark of … Read more >

How to make the best tech buying decisions with 90%+ non-IT stakeholders

Just as the technology landscape continues to evolve rapidly, the way businesses select solutions is also changing. As of late 2021, 67 percent of the people involved in tech buying decisions weren’t in IT, according to a survey conducted by … Read more >

Stop wasting your time

Charles Darwin once declared, “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Despite knowing that we’ll never get those hours back, most of us don’t make the best use of our … Read more >

Why you need project management services to maximize cloud solution ROI

A financial services organization and Fortune 100 company with locations worldwide had an outdated on-premises phone system and contact center solution. The company’s leaders reached out to our technology advisors for assistance. After evaluating various cloud contact center software suppliers … Read more >

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