IT Consulting Review

Why MFA Has Become Mandatory for Cyber Liability Coverage

Two is often better than one – and that’s definitely the case when it comes to authentication methods. Although multi-factor authentication (MFA) – sometimes known as two-factor authentication (2FA) – isn’t a new concept, it’s made headlines in recent months as … Read more >

Why Zero Trust Has Become the Go-To Framework in Today’s World of Hybrid Work

When many offices abruptly shut down and sent workers home at the beginning of the pandemic, it became much more difficult for cybersecurity professionals to safeguard corporate networks. Taking advantage of weak points in hastily launched remote work infrastructure, cybercriminals ramped … Read more >

It’s Time to Review Your Disaster Recovery Plan

If you couldn’t access your most critical applications and data for an hour, how much would it cost you? For a high-priority application, an hour of downtime costs approximately $67,651, according to the Veeam 2020 Data Protection Trends Report. Given that … Read more >

The Next Step Toward Going Serverless: Moving to Azure AD and Securing Your Microsoft 365 Environment

Because of the mechanics of their breathing, some (but not all) sharks must keep swimming at all times or suffer oxygen deprivation, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. If they stop moving, they’ll die. In that way, being a shark can … Read more >

Getting the Most out of Your Microsoft 365 Subscription and the Business Benefits of Going Serverless

Many companies adopt Microsoft 365 just for email and don’t realize what they could potentially get out of the other features and functionalities they’re paying for but not utilizing. Two often overlooked apps you should consider leveraging to your advantage … Read more >

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