IT Consulting Review

Still haven’t adopted a zero-trust strategy? Here’s why you should ASAP

In some contexts, it makes sense to give people the benefit of the doubt instead of regarding them with suspicion. However, in the realm of IT security, skepticism is the way to go, especially when cybercriminals are running rampant. If … Read more >

How business leaders can use technology to increase employee engagement

First, the Great Resignation made headlines. Now everyone’s talking about “quiet quitting,” or silently ceasing all efforts to go above and beyond your job description. In any case, it’s clear that many people aren’t satisfied with their jobs these days. … Read more >

5 ways to lower your cyber insurance premiums

If you’ve noticed your cyber insurance costs rising, you aren’t alone. As cyberattacks have become more frequent and severe and demand for security insurance coverage has grown, premiums have also increased. A survey of insurance brokers revealed that over half … Read more >

How to prepare your business for inevitable disasters

It could be a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado or cyberattack. It might strike tomorrow, next week, or next month. Although it’s impossible to predict the exact details, sooner or later disaster will inevitably strike and disrupt your business. With catastrophes … Read more >

How to ensure a smooth UCaaS deployment

An Illinois-based power company with multiple locations was having issues with their phone system. Their on-premises infrastructure was outdated and couldn’t support their remote and mobile staff members. The company turned to our trusted technology advisors to find a Unified … Read more >

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