Chicago IT Support: 4 Signs You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery planIn the IT world, disaster recovery helps protect companies against the financial fallout from disasters that destroy or temporarily incapacitate the IT network. Many businesses that experience such a catastrophe go out of business shortly thereafter due to data loss and/or a significant disruption in the sales and marketing process.

Most Chicago IT support  providers recommend that all businesses have a disaster recovery plan, but some businesses stand to benefit from the plan more than others. If your company’s IT system is characterized by any of the conditions below, implementing and testing a full-fledged disaster recovery plan is absolutely essential from a standpoint of business continuity.

1. Single Business Location
Companies that have a single location are more likely to go out of business following an event that crushes the IT system than businesses that have multiple locations. The reason why is fairly simple: When the single location goes offline, its Web-based sales and marketing efforts halt, whereas most businesses that have multiple locations simply experience a temporary decline in productivity. If your Chicago-based business has only one location, it should definitely receive a recovery plan from a provider of Chicago IT support that specializes in disaster recovery.

2. No Offsite Data Storage
Data loss is one of the primary factors that drives companies out of business following an event that destroys the IT system. Without access to information that supports sales and marketing — information that has often been acquired over a long period of time — a company must approach the sales and marketing effort from scratch. If your business has quality leads coming down the pipe when an event destroys the IT system, it may lose the opportunity to transition them into customers. Consequently, essential business data should be stored off-site in addition to on-site.

3. IT Resources Deployed On Site
Small businesses – particularly those with a single location – that have hosted IT resources tend to fare better in the wake of events that kill the IT system than small businesses that deploy all IT resources on-site. If you use hosted services, you won’t have to buy new hardware or software that comprises the resources on the service provider’s end. Instead, you can simply focus on acquiring replacement hardware for the equipment that the disaster incapacitated. When the new hardware is ready for deployment, your hosted IT resources will be waiting.

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