Desktop IT Support Chicago: Questions to Ask Before Signing a Contract

Services KeyAs companies grow, they often acquire more desktop computers, especially when the growth occurs in an office environment where each employee needs his or her own computer in order to support business productivity. Even for Chicago-based companies that have an IT department, desktop environment growth can necessitate outsourcing desktop management to a provider of desktop IT support in Chicago. If your company is in this position, it’s important to ask the service provider the following questions before you sign a contract.

What is the maximum number of desktops you can support?
Companies that have a small desktop environment that experiences minimal growth usually don’t need to ask this question. However, if your company’s desktop environment is hundreds of computers strong and growing at a steady pace, you should definitely inquire about whether a service provider has the server capacity to properly manage all of your desktops going forward.

Can I upgrade service options while the contract is active?
As companies that depend on an IT system and have been in business for a few years know well, IT needs can change quickly. That is why it’s important to ensure that you can upgrade your desktop support options while the service contract remains active. Most providers of desktop IT support in Chicago will accommodate you in this way, but it’s still a good idea to ask.

What percentage of problems are resolved with remote diagnostics?
In order to serve a significant number of customers and serve them well, many providers of desktop management use remote diagnostic tools to resolve the majority of computer issues. Providers that use elite diagnostic tools can typically resolve nearly 100 percent of desktop problems remotely. Just be sure that the provider you choose offers a similar success rate.

Can I have the desktop environment monitored 24/7?
Many providers – but not all of them – give you the option of having your desktop environment monitored for a specific period of time each day (e.g., during standard business hours) or having the environment monitored around the clock. Because desktop issues can crop up at any time, the second option offers the most assurance that your computers will remain ready to use. Make sure that the option of 24/7 monitoring is available before you finalize the service agreement.

Need Desktop IT Support in Chicago?
If managing your company’s growing desktop environment has reached the point where you need third party assistance, contact Stratosphere Networks. We are a leading provider of desktop IT support in Chicago that will analyze your unique situation before we propose a solution and enter contract negotiation. We’ll also answer any questions you have about third-party desktop management to provide you with greater confidence in the proposed service plan.

To get started on implementing a desktop management solution, call us today at (877) 599-3999, or complete the contact form on our website. We look forward to providing you with an affordable, flexible solution that simplifies the management of your company’s computers.

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