Four Reasons Chicago Businesses Need IT Support for Efficiency


it support for efficiency

There are several reasons why Chicago businesses need IT support for efficiency. A few of the most important ones include: to improve software program performance, minimize network downtime, allow workers to spend more time on core business functions, and generate cost savings. If your company is in the process of deciding whether to outsource certain IT services or keep them in house, read through the following benefits of receiving IT services from a third party.

Better Software Program Performance

One reason why Chicago businesses need IT support for efficiency is to improve the performance of software programs that support core business functions. Whether it results from not enough server capacity or desktops that lack the capacity to run programs fluently, sluggish software programs chip away at the efficiency of daily business functions. An IT service can improve software performance by implementing programs on a web-based model.

Network Downtime is Minimized

Experienced third party IT providers typically use remote diagnostic tools to resolve most network problems. Instead of trudging into your building in the middle of the day to address an IT problem, the provider will almost certainly be able to address the issue remotely. The capacity to resolve most network problems remotely can improve efficiency by resolving them quickly, minimizing network downtime and thus helping to sustain the efficiency of the IT network.

More Time for Core Business

If your company has employees who aren’t trained to handle IT problems but address them anyway, there is a good chance that the problems are resolved inefficiently, if indeed they are fully resolved at all. Delegating IT functions to a qualified third party, such as Stratosphere Networks, allows workers to spend more time on business tasks that they were hired to perform. The more time workers have to spend on business tasks, the more efficiently the tasks can be completed.

Cost Saving Opportunity

For many companies, maintaining a flexible IT budget is a key to operating efficiently. Because new IT expenditures could always be just around the corner, saving money by outsourcing IT functions is a smart move. Because the provider owns the software/hardware, maintains it, and upgrades it as necessary, you can avoid paying thousands of dollars in licensing fees. Instead you just pay an affordable monthly fee that is based on number of users and program options.


There are at least four imortant reasons why Chicago businesses need IT support for efficiency: to improve the performance of business software, minimize network downtime, give workers more time to spend on core business functions, and saving thousands of dollars by receiving third party IT services instead of locating the services in house. For assistance choosing a qualified IT service provider, contact Stratosphere Networks today at (877) 599-3999.


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