5 signs you need a new contact center solution

Close-up of a desk phone and headset with icons such as a globe and person, symbolizing call center technology.A Chicago-based incontinence product provider that had relied on Stratosphere for years for Avaya support reached out to us for help replacing their old third-party contact center software. The company wanted a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution that would enable their staff to deliver excellent customer service via various channels, including email, web chat, and voice. The client also wanted software with real-time analytics to drive performance improvements.

Our technology consultants conducted an evaluation and identified an omnichannel cloud contact center solution that met all the client’s requirements and integrated with their Avaya system. With the new platform, the company gained access to an abundance of real-time and historical data to support better service. Their staff also enjoys expanded remote work capabilities and can connect with customers via a single platform for calls, email and web chat. On top of that, the company achieved cost savings (OpEx instead of a sizeable CapEx) and greater scalability.

That’s just one of many instances in which we’ve helped clients enhance operations by switching to a better contact center solution. Greater efficiency and flexibility as well as lower spending could be possible for your organization with the right software. However, you might wonder if migrating from your current on-prem or cloud contact center solution to a new platform is truly necessary.

If you’re unsure if it’s time to make a move, here are some surefire signs that you’re overdue for new contact center software, according to our team’s experience and our partner RingCentral.

1. You don’t have the data needed to evaluate performance properly.

If your current contact center technology doesn’t provide advanced analytics, you could benefit from an alternative solution that offers insights into metrics such as volume fluctuations, call abandon rates, hold times, and so on. Migrating to a robust cloud-based contact center platform can offer real-time visibility into performance, making a significant difference for call center managers and agents in terms of coaching.

2. Your current system experiences frequent downtime and needs costly repairs.

If your agents find their productivity routinely hampered by a buggy system, it’s time to ditch your current contact center solution. Switching to reliable software will lead to more uptime and eliminate the maintenance costs associated with on-site hardware. Imagine what you’ll be able to achieve with the time and money you save.

3. Your company is growing, and your contact center system can’t keep up.

It behooves rapidly expanding businesses to invest in technology that can scale just as fast. Many modern CCaaS offerings can easily accommodate fluctuations in staffing (which is also convenient if you experience seasonal surges).

4. Your agents have trouble accessing essential client data with your current solution.

Customer experience has become a make-or-break factor for modern businesses, which means you want your call center agents to have all the information they need conveniently at their fingertips when interacting with clients. Switching to a cloud contact center solution that integrates with your company’s CRM can significantly improve customer service.

5. Your agents can’t work from anywhere.

If your call center agents can’t access your contact center system from any device and location, you’re failing to reach your potential in terms of productivity and high-quality customer service. Implementing a CCaaS offering that accommodates remote and mobile workers will make both customers and employees happier.

An illustration of three blue puzzle pieces connected with symbols of a bar graph with a magnifying glass and dollar sign, globe with connected dots around it, and people wearing ties. A fourth puzzle piece says "Stratosphere Networks" with a globe symbol. Text below the illustration states that 95 percent of IT professionals perceive a direct link between communications technology and overall business profitability (Source: RingCentral).
Our consultants can assist you if you want to explore your contact center software options. Just like we helped the client at the beginning of this article find their ideal CCaaS platform, we can leverage our extensive experience in the call and contact center space, exclusive research, and connections with leading suppliers to rapidly pinpoint the best product for your business. With access to advanced tools, we can also generate side-by-side matrices illustrating how different providers compare. Why spend dozens of hours vetting contact center solutions when you can rely on industry experts to do the homework for you?

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