How Medium Sized Businesses Can Benefit From a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

bdr plan

If you run a medium size business you might wonder how you can benefit from the same type of backup and disaster recovery plans that the large corporations use. It might not seem that important to have cloud-based backup data storage or even to use a BDR system, but with IT infrastructure being vital to modern business functions, if you are on the grid or in the Internet, you need to have a solid backup and disaster recovery plan.

Consider what would happen if your IT failed.  How would you handle your daily business without the access to the information that is contained within your IT network?  What would occur if your data went missing?  Would you be one of the 94% that never recovered?  Without a backup and disaster recovery plan the odds are stacked against the business surviving.

Instead of taking that risk consider why companies win awards for on and off site hardware based backup and disaster recovery solutions.  The method used for their backup designated router systems is revolutionary. For a medium size business looking for a system to benefit them the most the management tools built into the designs are both efficient and effective stretching limited budget dollars further.

Take the steps that will ensure your business survival in the modern economy by reviewing your business continuity plan and taking note of your existing recovery point objectives and recover time objective. Using this and your existing IT infrastructure can help you tailor a successful backup and disaster recovery plan. While the ideal goal is 0 data or time loss, often cost makes that too lofty a goal.  Selection of a budget and means to gain measurable coverage of backup systems for data to prevent loss typically is 2-4% of the overall IT budget.

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