How to Plan for an IT Disaster

Preparing for an IT disaster

What if your business floods and destroys your servers? Or you get to work only to find your system is down? Don’t wait for a disaster to happen to make a plan, be ready with this cheat sheet for creating your recovery plans.

Understand your data recovery needs

It’s important to recognize how your business would be affected by a disaster. Would your employees experience excessive downtime? How would your clients or customers be affected? What would you tell both your employees and customers to reassure them that your business’s recovery is underway? These are key questions to revise with your IT department to ensure that you’ll have quick response times to any IT disasters that could arise.

Know the risks

Natural disaster may seem improbable, but when they happen, there’s no way of knowing what the destruction will be. Having backup plans in place that range in severity is always a good decision. Whether it’s the accidental deletion of a file to complete system failure, you want to make sure you’re well prepared and can handle the situation quickly and efficiently.

Consider the impact of server failures

Assessing your data and understanding the impact system failure can have on your business is important when planning your disaster and recovery plans. What data is most critical for your business? How will you and your IT team respond to recover critical data? What are the chances of system failure and what is the estimated time for recovery? At Stratosphere Networks, we’ll answer all of these questions and customize a disaster and recovery plan based on your business’s needs.

Assess recovery time and procedures

Once an IT disaster occurs, your response to handle the problem is crucial. You need to know how long your recovery time will be depending on the situation and level of damage. Don’t suffer from excessive system downtime because you aren’t prepared, call Stratosphere Networks at (877) 599-3999 for a free IT audit with one of our friendly consultants.


Don’t let a disaster keep you down!

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