IT Outlook: Chicago Businesses Need IT Support for Efficiency

it support for efficiency

Increased efficiency has become a major selling point for providers of third party IT services. If your Chicago-based business meets with an IT consultant about making changes to the IT system, “increased efficiency” is likely to be one of the stated advantages of making the prospective changes. “Efficient” certainly sounds like something you want your IT network to be, but what does the concept really mean in terms of receiving third-party IT services?

Problems Corrected Quickly

One of the main IT problems of Chicago businesses that need IT support for efficiency is network downtime. By outsourcing network management to a third party service provider that monitors the network around the clock, downtime due to network problems can be practically eliminated.

Improved Application Speed

The speed of computer applications can be improved by scaling up server resources in-house or receiving the applications on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The latter option has the least upfront expense and is perfect for companies that have a limited hardware infrastructure. Receiving applications on a SaaS model can also increase financial flexibility.

Expedited Data Recovery

Outsourcing data storage and implementing server virtualization are great ways to expedite data recovery. A virtualized server environment results in faster restore times than a standard server environment, and data that is stored in the proper format offsite can often be restored within a matter of minutes.

Simplified Hardware Maintenance

Server virtualization and offsite data storage are also excellent opportunities to simplify hardware maintenance by decreasing the presence of hardware at your location. Hosted server virtualization can reduce the number of servers onsite, and offsite data storage can reduce the number of data solos onsite.

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Many Chicago businesses need IT support for efficiency. If your business is among them, implementing more efficient IT strategies can be a major step toward increasing productivity. Improved application speed, fast data recovery, simplified hardware maintenance, and quickly corrected problems are just a few of the reasons Chicago businesses need IT support for efficiency. To learn more, call Stratosphere Networks at (877) 599-3999, or use our contact form.

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