IT Support in Chicago: What to Do if Your Company is in the Suburbs

IT support for the suburbs

The Chicago suburbs offer great commercial real estate for companies that like sprawling, window-filled office spaces. For many suburban companies, though, their location in proximity to the city poses an important question: Should they receive IT support in Chicago, or look for an IT company in the suburbs, where the pickings are slimmer? For most companies in the Chicago suburbs, receiving IT support in Chicago is fine, as long as the following factors are considered.

Remote Diagnostic Tools

Whether you hire an IT provider that is located miles away in Chicago or right next to your office, the provider will address most system issues remotely. Consequently, the percentage of problems a provider resolves remotely is ultimately more important than how close the company is to your office. Most providers are capable of resolving over 90 percent of issues remotely, but the leaders of the pack push their remote resolution of system issues to well over 95 percent.

Around-the-Clock Monitoring

After developing a list of candidates that have excellent remote diagnostic capabilities, reduce the field of options by looking for candidates that offer around-the-clock network monitoring. A provider that monitors the IT network around-the-clock can virtually eliminate network downtime that results from problems that occur after business hours. As with remote diagnoses, around-the-clock monitoring can be performed from any location. Geography is not a barrier.

Onsite Response Time

In some cases, network problems result from malfunctioning hardware, an issue that must often be addressed onsite. Consequently, it is important to choose a provider that has a fast onsite response time. A provider’s distance from your location can affect its response time. However, the number of field technicians it employs tends to affect response time the most. A Chicago-based IT provider should be able to arrive at your location within an hour.

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