Key Cybersecurity Concepts: What Are Risk Mitigation Services?

A close up of part of a glowing blue compass against a black background. The needle is point to the words RISK MANAGEMENT to symbolize cybersecurity risk management.Taking risks can benefit you in some areas of life. However, it’s better to play it safe where cybersecurity is concerned. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with a data breach that tarnishes your company’s reputation and comes with a hefty price tag: The average global cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.86 million, according to IBM.

Although many of us put our plans on hold this year because of the pandemic, the global health crisis hasn’t slowed cybercriminals down. Just take a look at this long list of the most notable data breaches and hacks of 2020 so far from ZDNet. Staying on top of IT security remains imperative for business leaders around the world and across all industries.

If you want to minimize your chances of experiencing a data breach, you should consider our risk mitigation services, which make up an essential part of our portfolio of managed cybersecurity services. Here’s everything you should know about these services and how they can help your business protect sensitive data from malicious actors and increasingly intelligent security threats.

Risk Mitigation Services: Relentless Threats Require Proactive and Strategic Solutions

Managing your cybersecurity risk level is a constant and ongoing process. Given the breakneck pace at which technology and malware evolve, it’s also extremely difficult to stay on top of risk mitigation. That’s where our experienced security analysts come in.

Our team can ensure your data breach risk level stays as low as possible with the following essential services:

    • Recurring risk audits: You can’t lower your security risk level if you don’t know where you currently stand. Our team can conduct routine risk audits to assess your status and inform your cybersecurity strategy. Complete our security risk assessment questionnaire to get started today.
    • Recurring vulnerability scans: It’s advisable to undergo a vulnerability scan at least once per quarter so you can find and fix any weak points before cybercriminals have the chance to take advantage of them.
    • Virtual CISO (vCISO) services: With our vCISO services, you’ll get on-demand access to high-level security expertise without having to invest the time and money into hiring and retaining an in-house CISO.
    • Compliance services: Our team is trained in handling sensitive information in line with HIPAA requirements. We offer compliance as a service as well as intelligent vendor management services to simplify the process for your business.
    • Recurring cyber hygiene planning: Just as washing your hands properly reduces your chances of getting sick, proper cyber hygiene lowers your data breach risk level. Our team can assist you in cleaning up your IT in areas such as data management, user rights management and security awareness training.

If you’re not already working to keep your data breach risk level as low as possible, it’s only a matter of time before hackers infiltrate your network. Our security analysts can enhance your cybersecurity strategy and give you access to high-level expertise and the latest and best solutions for safeguarding your data. For details, contact our team today by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing

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