Vulnerability Scans

The old saying "what you don't know can't hurt you" definitely doesn't apply to IT security. These days, cybercriminals are constantly searching for points of vulnerability in the IT environments of businesses of all sizes. If you're operating with weaknesses you don't know about, odds are good that hackers will find that doorway into your network and get their hands on sensitive data.

That's why routine vulnerability scans are a must for any organization. Regularly checking your network for weak spots costs a lot less than containing and cleaning up after a data breach.

Vulnerability Scans

How a Vulnerability Scan Works

The purpose of a vulnerability assessment is to get a general picture of your cybersecurity levels and reduce your data breach risk by pinpointing as many liabilities as possible.

Businesses should conduct a scan at least once every quarter for their overall IT environment. It's also a good idea to check for vulnerabilities following any major changes to your network, and you should scan any additions (e.g., devices and applications) before integrating them into your corporate environment.

After security experts finish conducting a vulnerability scan, you'll receive a report listing any weak points the assessment identified. From there, your organization can take action to address those issues so your network is less susceptible to attack.

Let Our Team Find and Fix Your Weaknesses Before Hackers Do

Sign up for a diagnostic assessment, and our team of security analysts will scan your network for vulnerabilities. We'll conduct both internal and external scans to identify any problem areas in your network that cybercriminals could potentially exploit.

These scans will give our team in-depth visibility into the details of your current areas of risk, which we can then use to build a cybersecurity road map for your organization.

Some examples of those details include the following:

With cybercriminals getting craftier every day, identifying and addressing any weaknesses in your IT environment should be a top priority. Contact our team of cybersecurity experts today at 877-599-3999 or or fill out this form to schedule a diagnostic scan and take the first step toward optimal cybersecurity.

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