Microsoft 365 News 12-03-2021: Supplier to Improve Teams Guest User Functionality

Microsoft sign at the entrance of a building at Redmond corporate headquarters.In Microsoft 365 news this week, the supplier announced plans to introduce new capabilities for guest users in Teams. Keep reading for details about new guest user functionality and other updates and announcements related to the Microsoft 365 suite.

New Features

    • Switch between cameras in Teams Rooms for Windows
      • What’s happening: End users will soon have the ability to switch cameras during Teams meetings via the console for Teams rooms on Windows. This applies to rooms with multiple cameras attached to MTR.
        • Rollout date: Mid-December 2021 via the Microsoft store

Updated Features

    • Teams guest user functionality
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is enhancing guest user functionality in Teams. Updates include giving guest users the ability to decline a pending guest invitation, choose to hide or show guest tenants, and initiate the process of leaving a guest tenant.
        • Rollout start: Early December 2021
        • Rollout finish: Late December 2021
    • Profile pictures for Intune and Company Portal apps
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced that the Intune app on Android and Company Portal apps on macOS, iOS and Android will soon pull users’ profile pictures from Microsoft 365 instead of Azure Active Directory (AD).
        • Rollout date: Mid-December 2021


    • Retirement of SharePoint gallery view
      • What’s happening: Microsoft plans to retire the gallery view in SharePoint starting on January 17, 2022. The supplier recommends utilizing Power BI Dashboard instead to publish sections of a workbook.
    • Delayed rollout of Teams video mirroring feature
      • What’s happening: Microsoft previously announced plans to add a “mirror my video” feature to Teams for the purpose of flipping text in the background. To ensure the best possible customer experience, the supplier has altered the deployment timeline for this feature.
        • Rollout start: Late January 2022 (previously mid-November 2021) for standard release and GCC; mid-February (previously early January 2022) for GCC-H; end of February 2022 (previously mid-January 2022) for DoD
        • Rollout finish: End of February 2022 (previously late January 2022) for standard release and GCC; end of March 2022 (previously late February 2022) for GCC-H; early April 2022 (previously mid-March 2022) for DoD
    • Delayed rollout of new Microsoft Forms feature release for government clients
      • What’s happening: Microsoft previously announced an upcoming feature release that would give end users the ability to manage and group all forms and quizzes more effectively. To ensure the best possible customer experience, the supplier has changed the rollout timeline for this release for government clients. Note: This feature release has already completed deployment for standard release clients.
        • Rollout start: Early November 2021
        • Rollout finish: Late December 2021 (previously November 2021)

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