Your Guide to Microsoft 365: 4 Key Takeaways About M365

Microsoft logoIf you’ve been following our series on Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), you’ve learned a lot about how this solution can help your organization become more efficient, productive, collaborative and secure in the age of the digital workforce.

Here are all the entries we’ve published in order, if you’d like to go back and review any or all of them:

1.  6 Reasons Why Businesses Turn to Microsoft 365

2. Key Content Creation Applications

3.Connect With Colleagues With Outlook and Yammer

4. Securely Share and Collaborate With OneDrive, SharePoint

5. Boost Efficiency With Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business

6. Work Smarter With Advanced Analytics

7. Secure Your Data and Achieve Compliance

This will be the last installment in our guide to Microsoft 365. Before we conclude the series, here are a few essential takeaways you should consider that sum up how this suite can benefit your business and help you succeed.

1. It helps colleagues work together better. The Microsoft 365 suite facilitates teamwork in numerous ways. Apps like Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business help team members in various locations work together and meet as if they’re in the same place. Additionally, Outlook and Yammer leverage the power of email and social media to keep colleagues connected.

2. You can rest assured sensitive information is secure. Cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses as data breaches have become commonplace. Microsoft 365 has data security and threat blocking features built into its apps to ensure unauthorized users don’t gain access to sensitive data. For companies that need to follow industry specific regulations, apps like Customer Lockbox, Advanced eDiscovery and Advanced Data Governance can make achieving compliance easier.

3. It promotes creativity. Success in the workplace often requires not only drive and motivation but also creativity, and the Microsoft 365 suite gives users plenty of tools that make creating high-quality written and visual content easier – including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

4. Its analytic capabilities provide valuable insights and boost productivity. Harness the power of analytics to streamline your business operations. Apps like MyAnalytics and Workplace Analytics can help you track how you spend your time, optimize your workday, and set goals.

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