Your Guide to Microsoft 365: Securely Share and Collaborate With OneDrive, SharePoint

business meeting with laptopIn today’s technology driven world, businesses must figure out how to accommodate and connect workers at various locations and on different devices. The ability to securely communicate, share files, and collaborate from anywhere is vital for anyone looking to compete in the era of the digital and mobile workforce.

That’s why many companies rely on Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), which offers applications that keep everyone in your organization connected in addition to making it possible for them to share info and collaborate in real time. If you aren’t already familiar with the basics of Microsoft 365 and why businesses choose it to accommodate a digital workforce, you might want to review the first three entries in our guide to this popular IT solution:

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Once you’re up to speed on what we’ve already covered and are ready to move forward, here are some essential details about two Microsoft 365 apps that let users share, collaborate, and more: OneDrive and SharePoint.

With OneDrive, you don’t have to be in the office to share important files with your colleagues. This application offers secure access and file storage for staff members wherever they are – even if they’re working remote and/or traveling. Here’s a quick rundown of the app’s key capabilities:

Secure and simple storage and sharing from any device. The app has mobile, desktop, and browser experiences so you can use it on a range of different devices to share files with your colleagues and access/edit files.

Real-time collaboration. With OneDrive, you can co-author documents/files with other team members using desktop apps like PowerPoint and Word. Additionally, the app has built-in search and discover tools so that your colleagues can easily find your files.

Advanced security control options. From the admin center, this app offers a broad range of security controls to minimize the risk of unauthorized individuals gaining access to sensitive information. These options include visibility into which files are shared with whom and the ability to remotely wipe lost/stolen devices. Users can also create specific access permissions/settings for their files.

Enhance your team’s ability to work together, share content, and more with this Microsoft 365 application. Here are just some of the most notable benefits businesses gain access to with this app:

Achieve seamless collaboration. SharePoint gives you the ability to share info and work with colleagues via your organization’s intranet.

Gain insights and intelligence. The app’s built-in intelligence powers a search function that lets users locate the most relevant results, whether they’re looking for files, sites, or people.

Keep your team informed. You can establish portals and intranets to communicate with others across your organization, in addition to sharing resources and applications.

Overall, Microsoft 365 will empower your team members to work together more effectively and efficiently than ever with applications like OneDrive and SharePoint. If you’d like to learn more about this solution, feel free to contact our expert team by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing And be sure to keep an eye out for the next entry in our guide to Microsoft 365.

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