Microsoft Office 365 News 01-28-2021: Outlook on the Web Adds ‘Search in Compose’ Mode

microsoft office 365 logo.In Microsoft Office 365 news this week, the supplier announced the introduction of a new “search in compose” mode for Outlook on the web to allow end users to easily add notes from OneDrive and SharePoint. Keep reading to learn more about recent updates to Office 365 apps.

New Features

    • Teams offline message queuing
      • What’s happening: Teams for the web and desktop will soon queue sent messages when end users are offline.
    • “Include computer sound in a meeting” feature for Teams desktop for Mac
      • What’s happening: The Teams desktop app for macOS will soon give end users the option to include their computer’s sound when sharing their desktop or a window during meetings.
    • Inclusive Yammer reactions
      • What’s happening: The new Yammer gives end users the option to choose “like/thanks” reactions of various skin tones.
    • Auditing for Office apps (general availability)
      • What’s happening: With the general availability of this feature, the following apps will support relaying user label activities to the Microsoft 365 compliance center Audit Log and Activity Explorer: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook (desktop apps on both Windows and Mac as well as mobile apps on Android and iOS).
    • Outlook on the web “search in compose” mode
      • What’s happening: This new mode will make it easier for end users to add files and notes from SharePoint and OneDrive by populating suggestions when a user types “/” in an email. These suggestions will only show for users with access to SharePoint and/or OneDrive, and the suggestions will only include notes and files they previously created.
    • License management on the Microsoft 365 Admin app
      • What’s happening: This app for admins allows them to manage Microsoft 365 from anywhere.

Updated Features

    • SharePoint site usage report improvements
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to update the SharePoint site usage report in the Microsoft 365 admin center. First, the supplier will add eight new metrics. Second, they will incorporate two of the newly added metrics (company link count and anonymous link count) into the definitions of active files and active sites.
    • Teams profile menu updates
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is moving these links from the Me Menu in Teams to a new menu in the title bar: Zoom Controls, Keyboard Shortcuts, About, and Check for Updates.
    • Revised in-meeting share experience for Teams desktop users
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced the introduction of a revised in-meeting share experience for Teams desktop client end users (both Windows and Mac).
    • Power Platform update: Add-CustomConnectorToPolicy data loss prevention (DLP) PowerShell cmdlet
      • What’s happening: As part of recently announced changes to Microsoft’s DLP policies, the Powershell cmdlet Add-CustomConnectorToPolicy no longer supported adding custom connectors to tenant-level policies. On Jan. 22, 2021, the supplier re-enabled support for the addition of custom connectors for tenant-level policies.
    • Yammer User Management updates
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is updating User Management for Yammer Networks in Native Mode. Specifically, the supplier is changing the location for adding, removing, and bulk updating end users to the AAD User Management Portal to align with functionality in the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite.
    • Intune plan for change: Microsoft 365 apps 16.44 and up to deploy to macOS 10.14 and up
      • What’s happening: Microsoft 365 apps version 16.44 and up will only be supported on macOS 10.14 and up. In March 2021, Microsoft Endpoint Manager will only deploy 365 apps to macOS 10.14 and up.
    • Updates to Microsoft 365 Apps available for Current Channel
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has released updates for Microsoft 365 Apps to the Current Channel.


    • Rollout paused for general availability of Graph APIs for Advanced eDiscovery
      • What’s happening: Microsoft previously announced the upcoming general availability of the ability to script common eDiscovery actions with the Microsoft Graph REST APIs. The supplier has decided not to move forward with this implementation at this time.

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