Microsoft Office 365 News 10-14-2019: Live Captions Coming for Teams Meetings and Other Updates

microsoft office 365 logo.Many businesses seeking tools that allow them to stand out from the competition in the digital age have adopted Microsoft Office 365, a suite of solutions that promote creativity and collaboration across all devices.

If your company uses Office 365 or plans to in the future, you might be interested in this new blog series on news concerning the suite. As a Microsoft partner, we receive a weekly digest describing planned updates to Office 365 apps. Here are some notable changes planned for the near future.

1. New Office 365 Sharing Reports for SPO features. Additional Information SharePoint Online (SPO) site owners will be able to see all items in their site shared with any user. The rollout started in late September and will be completed worldwide by the end of November.

2. New Service health dashboard email notifications feature. The Service health dashboard in the 365 admin center will start supporting email notifications for incidents. Microsoft will begin rolling this feature out in mid-October to targeted release customers.

3. Introduction of the Quarantine Administrator Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Role. The worldwide rollout for this role will begin in late October and be complete by mid-November.

4. Live captions for Teams meetings. This will start gradually rolling out in early November and be completed worldwide by the end of November.

5. Changes to Microsoft Compliance Manager permissions. This includes the introduction of the Microsoft Compliance Score. The rollout will begin November 1 and be completed worldwide in early November.

6. Updated SharePoint start page experience. This will gradually start rolling out for all customers November 1. The worldwide rollout will be complete by the end of November.

7. Changes to simplify the process for handling GDPR Data Subject Requests in Yammer. The release date for these updates is November 4. 

8. Updated default setting for live captions and subtitles in live events policy. A gradual rollout will begin in early November, and the worldwide rollout will be complete by the end of November.

9. Additional blocked file types for Outlook on the web. This change will roll out in November.

10. OneDrive/SharePoint email language localization. A gradual rollout will begin for this feature in early November and will be completed worldwide by the end of this year.

For more on the Office 365 suite in general, please read our blog series on the solution.

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