Microsoft Office 365 News 11-05-2019: Power Platform Users to Gain Self-Service Purchasing Abilities

microsoft office 365 logo.In this week’s Microsoft Office 365 news, users of Power Platform products – including PowerApps, Power BI and Flow – will soon gain self-service purchase abilities.

What’s Happening

Users currently don’t have the option to buy subscriptions or assign licenses without first contacting the admin and getting approval. This update will change that for commercial cloud customers, allowing users to purchase Power Platform products directly.

Users that directly buy products will also gain access to a limited version of the Microsoft admin center concerning just their purchases. They will be responsible for the management of their own subscriptions, license assignment and billing info. Additionally, they won’t be able to see or manage licenses and purchases owned by other users/departments or at the organization level.

What It Means for Admins

Admins will be able to view all self-service purchases via the new admin center. For those who haven’t activated this center yet, go to the Home page and select the “Try the new admin center” toggle at the top.

Once you’re in the new admin center, go to “Billing” and then “Licenses.” From there, you can use the filter to view self-service purchases.

Rollout Dates

11-19-2019 for Power BI users in the U.S.
12-04-2019 for PowerApps and Flow, as well as additional locations

Please note that self-service abilities will not be available for clients eligible for education, government or nonprofit offers.

Microsoft recommends that clients update their documentation and training processes in accordance with this update. If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft Office 365, please check out our blog series on the suite. You can also contact our team of IT experts by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing

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