Need Cybersecurity Talent? Consider Security Operations Center as a Service

data security and security operations center as a service illustration with blue lock.For many businesses looking to safeguard their data against increasingly sophisticated IT security threats, the situation might seem grim. Thousands of data breaches expose billions of records each year, and thousands of new malicious programs and potentially unwanted applications emerge daily. We’ve covered the details in previous blog entries on key cybersecurity stats and this year’s scariest cyberattacks.

At the same time, we’re facing a serious and worsening cybersecurity talent shortage. In 2018, the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals reached about 2.93 million, according to a report from (ISC)² – an international, nonprofit association for information security professionals.

As new technologies like the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT) have created new points of vulnerability and security concerns, the supply of cybersecurity experts hasn’t been able to keep up with the growing demand. It takes time for training programs to create coursework on these new threats and more time still for job candidates to complete the training.

What can businesses seeking high-level security expertise to protect sensitive data do when faced with this limited pool of available talent? One answer is turning to third-party providers that can offer IT security skills via Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS).

How SOCaaS Works
To start off, a SOC is the command center for a team of cybersecurity professionals tasked with protecting an organization’s network and data from threats through monitoring, analysis and incident response, according to TechTarget SearchSecurity. The SOC is staffed with high-level security analysts who work in shifts to continuously monitor all aspects of the IT environment – including all endpoints, servers, desktops, applications, internet traffic and more – for suspicious activity.

If SOC staff members detect a threat, they’ll sound an alert and follow incident response procedures. The specific responsibilities and operations of this type of security command center might vary from one organization to another.

A SOCaaS solution involves a company operating a SOC and offering those SOC capabilities as a service to clients. This allows businesses that lack the resources to build their own in-house SOC to still access round-the-clock high-level security expertise to prevent data breaches and minimize the damage in cases where defenses fail to stop a malicious entity from infiltrating the network.

Why Businesses are Turning to SOCaaS for Cybersecurity
There are numerous advantages to implementing SOCaaS to secure your organization’s IT environment. In addition to saving you the time and money you’d have to invest to build and maintain your own internal SOC, the solution usually comes with the following benefits, according to TechTarget and our internal experts.

  • Faster incident response times
  • Less time elapsed between when an incident occurs and when it’s detected
  • Lower costs and less damage associated with breaches due to fast response times
  • Assistance with compliance for companies that must adhere to HIPAA and other regulations
  • Continuous monitoring services to contain threats as quickly as possible no matter when they strike
  • Greater control and transparency surrounding IT security operations and procedures
  • Better customer experience (CX), as employees and clients can feel more at ease sharing sensitive information with the knowledge that the SOC team is on duty.
  • An unbiased approach to security, as internal security professionals can potentially get influenced by others within the company concerning how controls are performed (e.g., based on the desire to close a big deal as quickly as possible). Third-party security analysts can be more objective.

If you’d like to learn more about SOCaaS and other managed cybersecurity solutions, please contact Stratosphere’s team of expert security analysts. We offer a comprehensive SOCaaS solution, as well as other advanced IT security products and services.

As data breaches became more prevalent, we built on our Network Operations Center (NOC) facility and the processes we had already established to create a best-in-class SOC staffed with top security analysts. The Stratosphere Networks SOC quickly and effectively resolves cybersecurity issues for our clients, in addition to providing vital support for our managed security solutions. Our SOC services cover everything from network and endpoint Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to Compliance as a Service to backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.

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