How Mobile Devices Can Make Employees More Productive

mobile deviceYou’ve probably read time and time again how smartphones and tablets are huge time-sinks. So, when you hear they can increase workplace productivity, it’s a confusing prospect. How can this be when they’re so distracting?

While it’s true the wandering mind can get lost in smartphone browsing for extended periods of time, mobile devices are also great for BYOD (“bring your own device”) plans. Companies commonly adopt BYOD to cut costs and increase efficiency.

This is because a BYOD plan works great for mobile communications and remote location. Using mobile devices is a fantastic way to stay in touch with management and other employees while working on company projects.

For example, say there is a change to a project or a major security update everyone needs to know about. To perform the update, all systems have to be reset. With universal communication software, all workers can be informed of the update in seconds. That’s much more efficient than telling each employee through email.

There are other broader advantages to BYOD and mobile friendly plans too. Important tasks can be handled on the go, regardless of location. Employers can read documents or look over project files while at home or heading to work. They can attend conferences from the other side of the country through video chat. Updates and info about workplace related material are given to them where ever they are.

Mobile devices also allow for accessing office-related resources. Numerous cloud-based storage systems exist for managing and organizing workplace files, and critical programs for documentation and creation are available. Without a BYOD plan, workers would only have access to those resources while at company location.

Most businesses have a company network and login which has a lengthy overview of up-to-date information. Users can check this for work-related tasks or whatever is relevant to them via the company network login.

Then, of course, businesses benefit by granting mobile device use via cost savings. By allowing workers to use their own hardware, they increase the comfort level of employees while simultaneously escaping the investment needed to purchase new devices themselves.

Workers who use their own smartphones are also likely more efficient, since they already know how to navigate their device and don’t need to learn a new format. While this individual hardware does bring its own risk, most of that can be circumvented through well-placed security policies – leading to a productive, safe environment.

This lends to a strong mobile force, one that is proactive and “in the know” without always having to be on location. While it might hard to believe that technology associated with wasting time can increase worker efficiency, mobile devices are powerful tools in the right hands and under the right policies. Most modern companies utilize them to some degree. So if you haven’t already, consider introducing a BYOD policy of your own.

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