New Tech Trends in the Healthcare Industry

tech in healthcare industry

Technology is always evolving within different industries, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Both hospitals and clinics need the most up-to-date machinery and programs that are reliable. Healthcare professionals need to be able to have access to premium surgical equipment and billing software. Along with that, here are some tech trends happening in the healthcare industry:

Remote monitoring

Wearable technology and health apps have become increasingly popular among consumers. Imagine if your doctor could monitor your health without you taking a trip to the hospital? It’s possible now, with new medical devices that patients can be sent home with that will monitor their health and send information to their primary doctor. Additionally, these devices will alert your doctor if an emergency arises.

Health Apps

As mentioned above, health apps are popular right now. These apps allow you to monitor your blood pressure, calories and heart rate and will send that information to your doctor in real-time. This will keep your information up-to-date and your doctor informed.

Wireless sensor technology

Let’s face it, nobody likes staying in the hospital. As a patient, being plugged in with chords and wires is annoying and intimidating. That’s all going to change. By 2018, it’s predicted that doctors will be able to use wireless sensors to monitor their patients’ vital signs and alert medical staff about any changes. Additionally, this data can be used in the patients’ electronic health records (EHRs) and shared with immediate relatives.

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