4 key cloud contact center benefits for the healthcare industry

A stethoscope, tablet and laptop on a desk with a glowing globe icon floating over the tablet, symbolizing healthcare communications. A Chicago-based medical supply company asked for our help replacing an outdated third-party software platform that integrated with their legacy phone system. The company wanted a modern contact center solution with email, web chat, voice service, and real-time analytics to support better customer service.

Leveraging years of cloud contact center experience, advanced tools, and Stratosphere’s extensive partner network, our technology advisors identified a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform that met all the client’s requirements and integrated with their Avaya system.

With the new cloud contact center software, the company gained a single platform for inbound and outbound calls, email and web chat. The CCaaS solution offered access to real-time and historical data they could use to improve the customer experience (CX), greater scalability to accommodate fluctuations in staffing and demand, and remote work capabilities, which became a considerable advantage during the pandemic.

That’s one example of how organizations in the healthcare industry – including medical equipment suppliers, care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and insurers – can benefit from implementing cloud contact center software.


A graphic titled Why Companies Choose CCaaS. The reasons include scalability, accessibility, remote work capabilities, omni-channel communication, CRM and UCaaS integration, screen pops with essential client info, automatic upgrades, and advanced analytics.

While the right CCaaS platform can enhance CX, empower remote workers and boost productivity for businesses in any industry, those in the healthcare space specifically can improve their ability to deliver high-quality medical care, coverage, and supplies with cloud contact center software.

Here are a few top cloud contact center benefits for the healthcare industry.

1. Better employee and patient experiences.

Intelligent IVR systems, chatbots and other self-service features included in CCaaS software allow patients to take care of simple tasks like making or canceling appointments without interacting with administrative staff, according to the CX Today article “The State of CX in The Healthcare Sector in 2022.” That makes life easier for patients and allows employees to focus their time and energy on more vital tasks.

2. Increased productivity.

Self-service features and the ability to utilize the CCaaS platform from any internet-connected device allow staff members to accomplish more than they would without access to cloud contact center software.

3. Advanced analytics.

Many CCaaS platforms come with real-time and historical reporting and analytics, which can provide vital insights into the patient journey and shed light on areas for improvement, according to the CX Today article “Building a Business Case for CX in Healthcare.” Beyond individual patient experiences, those reporting capabilities can also help providers identify broader population health trends and sound the alarm on potential epidemics.

4. Lower costs.

Cloud contact center software can rein in spending by allowing companies to function with fewer administrative staff members due to self-service features for appointment-making and other simple tasks, according to CX Today. CCaaS can also reduce the need for office space by facilitating remote work.

If you’re interested in exploring CCaaS options for your business, our trusted advisors would be happy to assist you. No matter your industry or the size of your company, we can utilize our contact center experience and advanced tools to rapidly pinpoint products that align with your needs and goals.

Explore our advisory process today by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing sales@stratospherenetworks.com.

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