Tailor-Made IT Support for Your Chicago Business: Why CEOs Outsource IT Support

benefits of outsourced IT

When it comes to implementing IT solutions, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) often feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. In their endeavor to increase the bottom line, company decision-makers must maintain a delicate balance between cost cutting and the implementation of new technologies that enhance productivity.

Faced with this situation, CEOs at many Chicago-based companies decide to outsource IT support to a third party service provider that can create tailor-made IT support for their Chicago business. In doing so, they achieve the following important benefits, among others, that help to increase the annual profit margin.

Only Paying for What is Needed

Readymade IT support packages are often comprised of a service bundle that includes services that some companies don’t need. When companies pay for such services, they essentially waste money and needlessly drain the annual IT budget. Opting for a tailor-made IT support for your Chicago business ensures that you only pay for services that your company really needs.

Increased Focus on Core Practices

CEOs know that companies generate the most revenue when they devote as much time as possible to core business practices. If deploying and managing IT solutions isn’t one of your company’s core practices, outsourcing the tasks to a third party only makes sense, as it allows your employees to devote the maximum amount of time to doing what they were hired to do.

Improved Network Security

When a company’s network security is compromised, it can lead to more than a few hours of downtime while the breach is addressed; it can also damage the company’s reputation if the breach affects consumers or other businesses.

Because third party service providers vigilantly maintain the security of their IT solutions, outsourcing firewall management is an effective way to prevent security breaches that could result in network downtime and damage a company’s reputation.

Fast Resolution of IT Issues

The longer it takes to resolve an IT issue that results in system downtime, the more productivity suffers. Third party service providers can largely prevent this situation by using elite diagnostic tools that resolve the vast majority of IT issues remotely within a few minutes if not sooner. Consequently, these tools can play an important role in maximizing productivity.

Need Assistance With IT Support?

If you are a CEO who needs to implement affordable IT solutions that help to generate revenue, Stratosphere Networks will help you choose the best package of services for the needs of your company. In addition to supplying ready made IT solutions, we can also provide tailor-made IT support for your Chicago business.

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your business objectives with tailor-made solutions for the IT system, call us today at (877) 599-3999 to schedule a free consultation, or use our contact form. We look forward to assisting you with your IT support needs!


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