Tech Talks: CoreSite Data Center Solutions Support Digital Transformation

Data center photo showing server room.In order to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients, we need to stay up to speed with the latest IT trends and solutions. To achieve that, our team of IT experts attends weekly training sessions conducted by various IT solution providers. Based on our extensive experience and sales volume with the suppliers, we receive exclusive, direct and usually in-person training from these vendors. Our Tech Talks blog series offers a snapshot of these educational sessions.

Does your company need an exceptionally reliable and secure data center provider to support your digital transformation journey? You might want to look into CoreSite. Our team of senior advisors recently met with representatives from this leading data center provider and went over how their offerings can provide a strong foundation for optimal IT operations. If you’re interested in learning about what CoreSite can do for your business, consider the following essential details.

Provider Overview

CoreSite – which is currently headquartered in Denver, Colo. – got its start back in 2001 as CRG West, a portfolio company of The Carlyle Group established to address data center and interconnection customer needs at 55 South Market in San Jose and One Wilshire in Los Angeles. During its first eight years, the data center provider expanded across the U.S. and grew its interconnection services portfolio. The company re-branded as CoreSite in 2009 to more accurately reflect its national capabilities, outstanding reliability and international reach.

CoreSite now has 21 data centers in eight significant communications markets across the country and serves more than 1,350 customers. The company is a leader in its industry due to the following advantages: 

  • 100 percent uptime SLA with seven 9s uptime achieved across the CoreSite portfolio last year
  • National footprint combined with international data center and cloud partnerships
  • International reach via sub-sea cables
  • Option to scale cost-effectively from one cabinet to large deployments
  • High density (30kW+ per cabinet for many markets)
  • Choice to connect with upwards of 775 cloud, network and IT service suppliers
  • Direct connections to AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Alibaba and Oracle cloud services and hyperscaler spending optimization
  • And more

Featured Offerings: Data Center and Interconnection Solutions

CoreSite has various offerings to meet the needs of companies across all industries. Their solutions fall into the following main categories:

Colocation: CoreSite’s colocation solutions include cabinet colocation for smaller deployments, cage colocation for those who want to customize a secured section, and private suites for organizations that want the most options for security, stability and autonomy. The data center supplier also offers remote hands and move-in assistance.

Cloud services: Colocating with CoreSite means that you gain access to hundreds of leading cloud providers, including major public cloud vendors as well as specialty suppliers for private cloud solutions.

Interconnection: These services involve creating the physical connections between clouds, networks and companies to allow for an efficient exchange of data. CoreSite facilitates this with vendor-neutral data centers.

Industry solutions: This data center provider can tailor solutions to fit your company’s industry specific needs, whether you’re in healthcare, financial services, media, or cloud and IT service provision.

To learn more about CoreSite and see how their offerings stack up against those of other data center solution providers, get in touch with the Stratosphere Networks team of senior trusted advisors. We have experience working with various products from suppliers in our expansive partner network, and our analysis and insights can streamline shopping around and save you a considerable amount of time and money.

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