Tech Talks: Get Cutting Edge Colocation Services from Cyxtera

data center corridorIn order to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients, we need to stay up to speed with the latest IT trends and solutions. To achieve that, our team of IT experts attends weekly training sessions conducted by various IT solution providers. Based on our extensive experience and sales volume with the suppliers, we receive exclusive, direct and usually in person training from these vendors. Our Tech Talks blog series offers a snapshot of these educational sessions. 

Are you looking for advanced, reliable, and cost-effective colocation and connectivity services? Cyxtera – a company in our partner network that recently hosted a lunch and learn for our IT experts – offers high-quality colocation that can be deployed as quickly as typical cloud-based solutions. Here’s everything you need to know about this provider, their offerings, and how to determine whether they’re the right fit for your unique business needs.

Provider Overview
Based in Miami, Cyxtera provides enterprise application cloud computing, hybrid cloud, cybersecurity, analytics, and data center colocation solutions. The company delivers a secure, global platform for critical systems and applications to more than 3,500 customers. With major operations in cities around the world, Cyxtera provides secure and powerful IT infrastructure capabilities.

The provider offers a uniquely diverse footprint that includes 57 best-in-class data centers. Last year, Cyxtera acquired CenturyLink’s data centers and colocation business. Through the sale of the data centers, Cyxtera gained approximately 195 megawatts of power across 2.6 million square feet of data center space.

Additionally, earlier this year, Cyxtera and Nutanix, a cloud computing software company, announced they had formed a partnership to allow on-demand access to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud. The collaboration gave clients the ability to quickly deploy infrastructure while still maintaining control.

Featured Offerings
Essentially, Cyxtera is a data center provider with security integrated as a core service, as well as a security provider that crafts solutions that fit the way today’s businesses run applications. Here’s a quick overview of some of their most notable offerings.

  • Data center services: Cyxtera’s data center offerings include robust security, a broad global footprint, and cyber-resilient colocation services to help your business keep up with constantly evolving technology and the cybersecurity threat landscape. With the Cyxtera Extensible Data Center (CXD) Platform, your organization can deploy and configure data center services in just minutes, rather than having to wait weeks or months.      

  • Threat management and analytics: Businesses of all kinds and all sizes must guard against cybercrime and data breaches. Cyxtera’s advanced analytics services effectively identify and defend against IT security threats. In addition to advisory, offensive and defensive services, the company also offers fraud intelligence, email protection, and advanced investigative analytics.

If you’d like to learn more about services and solutions from Cyxtera and other vendors, our team of cloud consultants can provide guidance. We work with various cloud offerings from numerous providers in our partner network, giving us in-depth knowledge that gives us the ability to serve as a trusted advisor to our clients.

Whether you go through us or purchase a solution directly from the supplier, the cost will be the same. We have a price parity guarantee. Additionally, partnering with us will save your business both time and money, since we can inform you of the strengths and weaknesses of each provider and show how they compare to other vendors. Your organization will benefit from making a decision based on a truly agnostic and thorough assessment at no extra cost.

Our consultants can recommend cloud and security solutions for all kinds of businesses, from small organizations with limited budgets to large enterprises. For more information, please email or call 877-599-3999.

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