TrickBot Q&A: 4 Essential Things to Know About This Cybersecurity Threat

hacker using laptopThe cybersecurity landscape changes literally every day as new threats emerge. Hackers constantly become more dynamic and develop new strategies to gain access to sensitive information. Additionally, existing malware continues to evolve.

One continually updated IT security threat businesses need to be aware of is TrickBot. Since it emerged in 2016, this trojan virus has displayed numerous changes as its creators aim to stay ahead of their targets’ defenses, according to Webroot. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about this evasive bot and how you can guard against it.

1. What is TrickBot? This virus comes in modules with a configuration file, according to Malwarebytes. It spreads and infects its victims using various strategies, such as phishing and exploiting operating system vulnerabilities.

2. What does it do? TrickBot aims to steal banking information, according to SC Media UK. It targets banking customers and financial institutions and exploits vulnerabilities to spread laterally through a target’s network. In other words, once it finds its way in, it will try to also infect other hosts/servers/parts of the network

TrickBot’s developers continually update it with new modules/features and distribution strategies. For instance, earlier this year, security researchers found that the bot had been updated with a module that tries to lock the user’s machine, SC Media reported.

3. What are the signs that TrickBot has infiltrated your device/network? Screenlocking might alert users that their network has been compromised, according to Malwarebytes. However, not all versions of TrickBot will employ the screenlocking strategy, and many organizations might remain unaware of the infection as the bot spreads.

4. How can I defend against TrickBot? Proactive threat protection and monitoring is a must for financial institutions and banking customers that want to avoid become victims of this virus. Patching network vulnerabilities and automated, high-level threat detection techniques (including next-generation firewalls and up-to-date anti-virus software) can help your organization minimize the risk of infection and identify a breach as quickly as possible if TrickBot does infiltrate your network.

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