Which Chicago Businesses Need IT Support for Efficiency?

Why you need IT support

If your company is like most others, the efficiency of its daily work environment depends partly on the efficiency with which the IT network operates. Some companies possess the capability to handle network support in house, while others need to outsource IT tasks to a third party provider of IT services. Below, we take at look at some of the signs that Chicago businesses need IT support for efficiency from a third party service provider that specializes in IT support.

Not Enough IT Technicians on Staff

Just because your company has an IT technician on staff, does not mean it couldn’t benefit from outsourcing certain IT needs to a third party service provider. In many cases, in-house IT technicians are overworked and tasked with work that system administrators should ideally perform. If this is the case at your company, outsourcing IT needs that are above and beyond a technician’s ability to handle will help increase efficiency in the daily work environment.

No System Administrators on Staff

A system administrator is responsible for configuring and maintaining computer systems, particularly multi-user systems, such as servers. If you do not have a system administrator on staff, you should outsource system management to a third party that specializes in the discipline. In addition to improving computer system management, outsourcing system administration will cost your company less than hiring a system administrator to work onsite.

IT is Not a Primary Business Focus

Many companies find themselves in the position of having employees that know a little bit about IT, but not enough to handle all the IT issues the company experiences. In this situation, asking employees to handle IT issues can significantly reduce efficiency. If IT is not one of your company’s primary business focuses, don’t pretend that it is. Instead, outsource infotech needs to a third party service provider that specializes in IT, such as Stratosphere Networks.

No Around-the-Clock Network Support

If your company’s IT network isn’t monitored after business hours, it’s only a matter of time until a problem that occurs after hours leads to downtime at the beginning the next business day, as the problem is addressed. Outsourcing network monitoring to an IT service provider that monitors the network around the clock helps prevent this from happening. In the vast majority of cases, network issues can be resolved remotely with the help of elite diagnostic tools

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The signs above indicate that Chicago businesses need IT support from a third party. If your company needs third party IT support, contact Stratosphere Networks. We provide a variety of IT services to Chicago businesses that need IT support for efficiency, including desktop management, server virtualization, 24/7 network monitoring, and much more. For more information about our services, call us today at (877) 599-3999, or use our contact form.


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