Why Businesses Should Invest in Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is beneficial for businesses for a variety of reasons. If you’re hesitating to make the switch, this list is for you. Here are three reasons to ditch your travel plans and switch to videoconferencing.

Reduce overall costs

Although there is value to face-to-face meetings with current or prospective clients, many of those meetings can be switched over to videoconferencing. If a personal meeting isn’t necessary, don’t waste your time or money on traveling. The average international business trip costs $2,390 while the average domestic trip costs $965. By decreasing the amount of travel, you’ll see more revenue that can be invested back into your business instead of the airlines.

Maintain a competitive advantage

Videoconferencing creates a faster, more reliable channel of communication for employees. Your team can communicate with each other instantly, opposed to waiting on team members who are traveling from other offices.  Videoconferencing is also considered a “green” alternative, as it decreases the company’s energy consumption used on traveling. So not only will videoconferencing decrease your costs and help employees communicate with each other, it will also decrease your company’s carbon footprint.

Improved hiring and retention

Videoconferencing also allows for video interviews. This is beneficial because hiring processes can be lengthy and pricey when candidates are located in other cities. Video interviews can also be recorded to reference later when reviewing the candidates.

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