Chicago Cloud Phone Systems/Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Is your on-prem phone system holding your team back? Or do you feel your current cloud phone system isn't a good fit for your company? With assistance from our trusted technology advisors, you can quickly find a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform that meets all your needs and positions your business for long-term success in an increasingly digital world.

At a time when hybrid and remote work arrangements have become the norm rather than the exception, you can't attract and retain top talent or maintain a competitive edge in your industry without embracing the cloud. UCaaS software has become incredibly popular with organizations looking to facilitate effective communication and collaboration from any location.

If you haven't already migrated your phone system to the cloud or if you're thinking of switching to a better UCaaS platform, here's why you should connect with our advisors to identify your ideal Chicago cloud phone system.

Key Benefits of UCaaS

The right cloud phone system can make a significant difference for your team and company. Here are just a few of the main advantages of leveraging high-quality UCaaS software.

  • Empower remote and mobile workers with a single platform for voice, videoconferencing, webchat, SMS, email and more.
  • Enhance customer experience (CX) by improving productivity and efficiency for your staff members and integrating your UCaaS platform with other critical apps (e.g., your CRM and cloud contact center solutions).
  • Improve collaboration with a platform that makes it easy to switch from a voice call to video or share their screen during a meeting if needed. Since UCaaS solutions commonly allow end users to work with any internet-connected device, your team also doesn't need to be in one place to hold meetings.

Overall, a reliable cloud-based communications solution is a must if you want to succeed and stand out in our digital and virtual era.

Why Chicago Businesses Work With Our Trusted Technology Advisors

There are so many UCaaS suppliers and solutions that it can seem impossible to choose. However, you aren't doomed to spend dozens of hours researching, listening to sales pitches and attending demos.

Our trusted advisors can leverage their extensive experience in the UCaaS space, advanced tools and our partner network to rapidly find a product that aligns with your needs, goals and pain points. Many businesses have already worked with our advisors for these reasons:

  • Zero charge for our advisory services. The supplier you select will pay our team a commission.
  • Guaranteed price parity from our suppliers, meaning that working with us costs the same as going directly to the provider.
  • Completely objective assessment and comparison matrices of all your options since our partners all pay us approximately the same rate.
  • Exclusive access to solutions from suppliers that don't have a direct sales force and only sell through channel partners.
  • Expert guidance and insights from our UCaaS experts who have years of experience with these solutions.
  • Valuable technical knowledge from more than 15 years of experience in the industry and reports that go beyond what even Gartner provides with in-depth industry trend analysis based on actual market data.

Case Study: Chicago Non-Profit Finds a Best-in-Class UCaaS Provider

If you'd like an example of our advisory services in action, this case study details how we helped a Chicago non-profit accommodate a remote workforce with a UCaaS solution and SD-WAN.

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