12 Steps to Make Your IT Infrastructure More Secure: Updating Workstations and Servers

If you’ve been following our series of blog posts on making your IT infrastructure secure so far, you’ve already performed a security audit, created and enforced IT security policies, and updated your anti-virus solution. You’re already well on your way to achieving comprehensive protection against evolving cybersecurity threats like ransomware and other forms of malware.

But your work isn’t finished yet. The next step you’ll want to take to secure your infrastructure and minimize your risk of data breaches involves safeguarding your workstations and servers. These aspects of your infrastructure must have their own individual security measures, and making sure those are up to date is crucial if you want to fend off malicious entities and hackers attempting to gain access to sensitive information. Here are some tips for tackling this step in the infrastructure security process.

Ensure firewalls are on
Your company’s workstations and servers have local firewalls, which prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to your network, infrastructure, and data. The first thing you’ll want to do to make sure workstations and servers are secure is to check that all of their local firewalls are on and functioning. Otherwise, these aspects of your IT infrastructure are vulnerable to cyberattacks and leave you open to a costly data breach.   

Update workstation and server security solutions
If you’re aiming for comprehensive cybersecurity, it’s not enough to simply have security solutions and software in place and switched on (although it’s a good start). IT security threats like malware continue to evolve at a rapid pace and develop new tricks for bypassing a business’s defenses. As a result, security tools must also get updated to effectively fight back against the ever-changing landscape of IT threats.

For instance, you might want to consider next-generation firewalls. A next-gen firewall can not only stop malicious programs from gaining access to your IT network and infrastructure but also allow for faster malware detection and give you the capability to efficiently track and contain any threats that do make it past your defenses.

Automate updates
The IT security threat landscape changes quickly, so security solutions require frequent updates to remain current and maximally effective. In order to optimize your company’s operations, it’s a great idea to automate the update process for your servers and workstations to save time and boost efficiency while still maintaining current security measures.

Once you’ve completed this step and ensured your workstations and servers are adequately protected, you’re well on your way to achieving optimal IT infrastructure security. However, there’s still plenty left to do. Come back next week to learn about the next step in the process.

Until then, if you’d like more information about workstation and server security, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team of techs by calling 877-599-3999 or emailing sales@stratospherenetworks.com. Stratosphere Networks offers a range of IT security solutions (including anti-virus), and our team members can answer any questions you have about keeping your organization safe from cyber attackers.

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