Top 10 blog posts to read for Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2022

October is cybersecurity awareness month.October is here again, which means it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Each year since 2004, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) have spearheaded efforts to raise awareness about IT security and help educate people on best practices for keeping their data safe from hackers and cyber threats. This year’s theme is “See Yourself in Cyber.”

“This October will focus on the ‘people’ part of cybersecurity, providing information and resources to help educate CISA partners and the public, and ensure all individuals and organizations make smart decisions whether on the job, at home or at school – now and in the future,” the CISA website states. “We encourage each of you to engage in this year’s efforts by creating your own cyber awareness campaigns and sharing this messaging with your peers.”

The site also lists four steps you can take to protect yourself from cybercrime:

"This year's campaign theme - "See Yourself in Cyber" - demonstrates that while cybersecurity may seem like a complex subject, ultimately, it's really all about people ." - The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Stratosphere would also like to share the top 10 most popular blog posts we’ve published in the past year related to IT security. Check them out to learn more about safeguarding your IT environment from advanced threats.

1. Why you need to disable inactive accounts right now: The cybersecurity risks of ‘ghost accounts’
Dormant accounts can allow cybercriminals to access your network and sneak around undetected for an extended time.

2. 4 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2022
As 2021 drew to a close, we predicted which trends would dominate the IT security world in the upcoming year – including continued ransomware attacks, cloud security becoming a top priority, and more.

3. What the Heck Is CSPM, Anyway?
This blog entry covers everything you need to know about cloud security posture management (CSPM) and why it matters for businesses.

4. 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Security Awareness Training Program
As G.I. Joe taught us, knowing is half the battle. Here are some recommendations to ensure your security awareness training program is as strong as possible.

5. How to prevent ransomware attacks during the holidays
Hackers like to strike when everyone is out of the office. Here’s how to lower your odds of experiencing a holiday ransomware attack.

6. How to select the right security framework for your business
Here are some leading risk mitigation frameworks you should consider when crafting a cybersecurity roadmap for your business.

7. Why you’re making a mistake if you don’t have multi-layered cybersecurity
Like an onion (or an ogre), your security strategy should have layers. Here’s how to establish multi-level security to minimize your risk level.

8. 3 key benefits of outsourcing security policy writing
Here’s why you should consider outsourcing IT security policy writing to the experts.

9. Why you should be suspicious of web browser extensions
Web browser extensions might seem useful, but they can potentially become a privacy and cybersecurity nightmare.

10. Why you need to tear down your data silos
Fractured data can hurt your cybersecurity posture. Here’s how to fix it.

If you’d like to learn more about how to protect your IT environment from evolving IT security threats, our technology advisors can assess your situation and connect you with a leading managed cybersecurity service provider in our partner network.

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