5 Key Benefits of Meraki Networking Solutions

Managed IT providers are a major boon to modern companies. Because the demand for productivity increases each year as reliance on technology grows, some organizations elect to utilize the services of an MSP.

Meraki is one of these managed answers. Founded in 2006, the veteran company has a host of benefits to offer its clients, allowing them to focus on internal productivity and enhanced communication. If you’re seeking an MSP, here are five key benefits when looking at Meraki Networking solutions.

1. Security enabled BYOD. Mobile communication is a powerhouse for companies. Most enhance their productivity by allowing workers to accomplish tasks from anywhere. They do so via BYOD (bring your own device), cutting costs for the company while increasing comfort for the worker.

However, BYOD comes with numerous security risks. Meraki aids this by having a secure platform that’s compatible with most mobile devices. This keeps productivity high and security breaches low.

2. Device auto-configuration and classification. Adding to the mentioned security, Meraki’s platform automatically generates hardware fingerprints by immediately identifying and classifying connected devices.

This creates an extra layer of security, allowing management to see who and what connect to their networks. This also creates data for volume of use during work hours.

3. Automatic virus detection and isolation. Nothing hampers productivity more than a compromised network due to virus intrusions. Meraki can help by stopping the spread of viruses. Each connected device is automatically scanned and is automatically removed from the network if malware is detected. In other cases, the device can be isolated for IT to identify and deal with the threat.

4. Improved bandwidth and resource management. Companies wishing to modify their budget by looking at current use will greatly benefit from Merkai’s BYOD management. Aside from the many security benefits listed above, Meraki solutions can observe, track, and record all data used for every individual device.

This insight allows businesses to better understand where their data is going, how much is used, and when. From there, they can plan to improve distribution of resources and identify any erroneous or excessive misuse of bandwidth.

5. Enhanced network deployment. Another benefit of using Meraki solutions is that they allow for custom network deployment based on management customizations. Their platform lets IT set up things like network VPNs, wireless connectivity options, and individual security options.

There are still plenty of other network solution control aspects that Meraki offers. With everything from batch uploading project files to filtering policies for device types, there’s unprecedented control and information.

If you need an MSP that offers control, security, and end-point management, then look no further. Meraki works seamlessly with modern businesses and does everything it can to benefit them from top to bottom.

Consider utilizing their services if you notice a drag in performance, routine security breaches, or an excess use of company resources. Sometimes, it’s not enough to rely on in-house management. In some situations you need assistance from third party professionals.

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