Why Your Business Should Consider a Software-Defined Security Program

cyber securityEnsuring network security is a fundamental part of a safe work environment. There are a variety of tools and methods to deploy to reach this level of safety, all of which have their own set of benefits. One of them is utilizing a software-defined security program, a tool which is exactly what it sounds like: an application which can set protocols and rules for enhanced network security.

How Software-Defined Security Works
But you may ask, why does my company need this? Isn’t that what my IT team is for? Yes and no. IT teams and specialists will no doubt work to build you a secure network to your specifications. However, tools like software-defined security enhance their capabilities and allow them to set new restrictions, filters, and controls over various points of a network.

It’s especially useful in environments that don’t rely on hardware (or have little hardware implementation). If there are no switches to filter connections in your network, how do you keep it safe? This scenario is common with virtual and cloud networks, which can’t dictate security protocols through hardware.

In a virtual environment, policies and protocols are issued automatically as virtual devices are created on the network. Since this is automated, it also cuts down on the need for manual configuration, allowing your IT experts to focus on other tasks.

You can also look to software-defined security for better scalability. Not only are virtual devices auto-configured, but protocols and policies can also carry over to new network segments as needed. This also helps IT, since there’s less need to configure additional policies and rules for new physical devices.

The New Wave of IT Security
As far as security goes, it’s also important to look at software defined measures as the “new wave.” It’s a growing and adaptable technology, allowing management to deploy protocols companywide with network maps that are easily adjustable from a software interface. This greatly increases efficiency, because it allows new rules to be set immediately across multiple devices and networks.

It’s also important to consider as reliance on cloud environments grows. Virtualized networks are scalable and easy to use for businesses of various sizes and require in-depth security to protect them. Therefore, having a dynamic and adaptable program – the software-defined module – to accompany the fast-growing cloud environment is a no brainer.

It’s also important to note that as networks evolve, so does their need for protection. This means that abiding by regulations is often the next step. There are policies, for instance, that companies must follow when storing things like consumer credit card information. Utilizing software-defined security can help your organization achieve compliance.

The ability to automate and deploy advanced security protocols across a network is invaluable. Efficient and cost effective, it allows IT staff to focus on creating adaptive solutions towards advanced threats versus programming hardware.

If your company has sought an advanced tool for enhancing its security, consider SDS, especially if you make use of cloud-based solutions.

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