IT Support in the Chicagoland and Surrounding Suburbs of Chicago: An Overview

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Companies that need IT support in the Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs often receive it from companies located in the Windy City. For companies in the city, this arrangement rarely presents a problem, but companies located in the suburbs must consider some crucial issues that could impact the quality of service they receive. Below are four things companies in the Chicago suburbs should consider before hiring a Chicago-based IT support provider.

Remote Diagnostic Capability

“Remote diagnostic capability” refers to a company’s ability to diagnose and resolve network problems without arriving onsite. Stratosphere Networks uses elite diagnostic technology to resolve nearly 100 percent of system issues without traveling to your location. In addition to expediting the resolution of network issues and boosting productivity, our remote diagnostic capability allows us resolve issues without disturbing the daily work environment.

Onsite Assistance Capability

Regardless of the remote diagnostic tools a company uses, it will inevitably need to address certain problems onsite. If you receive IT support from a company that is located miles away in the city, you need to know its technicians can arrive at your location in a short period of time. Before you sign a contract with a provider, ask how long it would take to deploy a technician to your specific location. Ideally, the technician should arrive less than two hours after notification.

Location of Customer Base

You want to sign a contract with a company whose customer base includes companies in the Chicago suburbs. The easiest way to determine if a provider serves companies in your area is to ask for references to customers located in your suburb. If the provider can supply several references for companies in your area, and the references give a positive review of the provider’s services, you can feel confident about signing a contract with the company.

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Stratosphere Networks provides IT support in the Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs of Chicago to companies that must outsource IT services. Whether your company is in Chicago or one of the city’s suburbs, we have the remote diagnostic capability and onsite assistance capability to support your IT network at all times. For information about our services for companies in the Chicago area, call us today at (877) 599-3999, or use our contact form.


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