Microsoft 365 News 03-04-2021: OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online Upload Limit Increases to 250GB Per File

Microsoft Office sign.In Microsoft 365 news this week, the upload limit for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online is going up from 100GB to 250GB per file. Keep reading for the latest news about new features and updates to Microsoft 365 apps and services.

New Features

    • Teams Video only Meeting stage
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has introduced a new Video only Meeting stage that allows video-only attendees to fill the meeting layout without being dominant speakers.
    • Teams template access management via template policies
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is introducing the ability to establish policies for the management of templates accessible to end users when they create new teams via either the Teams desktop app or Teams on the web.
    • PowerShell support for team templates in Teams
      • What’s happening: Admins will soon gain the ability to pull a list of team templates available in their tenant; review the details of team templates; and create, delete, and edit templates.
    • File deletion warning message in OneDrive Sync client
      • What’s happening: End users that delete files in the OneDrive sync client will soon see a warning message advising them that their action will delete the files from OneDrive everywhere, in addition to informing them about the possibility of restoring the files via the OneDrive recycle bin.
    • Location picker support for security groups and distribution lists in OneDrive for Business
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced that data loss prevention (DLP) for OneDrive for Business will soon support user accounts and groups via the policy scoping location picker.
    • Planner and Tasks in Teams: Ability to add up to 25 task labels and colors
      • What’s happening: In Planner and Tasks in Teams, end users will soon be able to assign as many as 25 labels per task.
    • New column in “Reported issues” view in Service Health page
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is adding an “Issues” column that will connect recently reported issues in the Report an Issue feature to any applicable incidents or advisories.

Updated Features

    • Updated: Information Governance and Record Management retention policies, Core eDiscovery and Advanced eDiscovery legal holds
      • What’s happening: Microsoft plans to improve Core eDiscovery and Advanced eDiscovery legal holds, as well as Information Governance and Records Management retention policies. The enhancements will include locking pending holds and policies from updates, in addition to boosting scalability and performance to minimize hold distribution errors and support a growing number of tenants.
    • Upcoming MDE infrastructure alteration
      • What’s happening: Microsoft plans to make a change to their backend networking infrastructure on March 7, 2021. The update will cause alterations to public IPs of Defender for Endpoint Command and control communication and could necessitate firewall and Proxy setting changes.
    • Increased upload limits for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online
      • What’s happening: In response to customer feedback, Microsoft has increased the upload limit for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online from 100BG to 250GB per file.
    • Compliance Manager premium assessment licensing updates
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is changing the licensing requirements for Compliance Manager premium assessments.
    • Increased form limits in Microsoft Forms
      • What’s happening: Microsoft is increasing the limits for forms/quizzes from 200 per user/group to 400 per user/group. The bonus poll quota will also change to 400.


    • Reminder: IE11 end of support coming in August 2021
      • What’s happening: Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 effective Aug. 17, 2021. After that date, if you attempt to access these apps and services via IE11, they won’t be able to connect or will have a degraded experience.
    • Updated rollout timeline for Designer in Word
      • What’s happening: Microsoft previously announced the deployment of Designer in Word for the web. To ensure the best possible customer experience, the supplier has adjusted the implementation timeline.
      • Rollout start: Late February 2021 (previously early February 2021) for Standard Release customers
      • Rollout finish: Early May 2021 (previously mid-March 2021)
    • Updated rollout timeline for Teams macOS native notifications
      • What’s happening: Microsoft previously announced that Teams end users would soon be able to choose between the Teams built-in notification system or the native macOS system. To ensure the best possible customer experience, the supplier has adjusted the deployment timeline for this feature.
      • Rollout start: Early March 2021 (previously mid-December 2020) for macOS 10.14 and greater native notifications
      • Rollout finish: Late March 2021 (previously mid-January 2021)

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