Microsoft 365 News 05-06-2021: Outlook on the Web to Support Sending From a Proxy Address

Microsoft sign at the entrance of a building at Redmond corporate headquarters.In Microsoft 365 news this week, Outlook on the web will soon offer native support for sending messages from a proxy address. Keeping reading for more news and updates concerning Teams, Lists, Whiteboard and other Microsoft 365 apps.

New Features

    • View end user feedback in the Microsoft 365 admin center
      • What’s happening: You’ll soon gain the ability to see the feedback end users submit to Microsoft concerning Microsoft 365 products. This information will be viewable in the Product feedbacknode in the Microsoft 365 admin center.
    • Microsoft Graph connector result clusters in All tab in, SharePoint, Microsoft Search in Bing
      • What’s happening: These clusters allow enterprises to search for content from third-party connector data sources. Result clusters are formed on the basis of search vertical configuration.
    • Public preview: OneDrive sync dashboard for IT admins
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced the public preview of a dashboard in the Microsoft 365 Apps Admin center that allows admins to monitor OneDrive sync app versions, sync errors in individual devices, sync status, and Known Folder Move deployment progress.
    • Offline file access in Teams mobile app
      • What’s happening: The Teams mobile app will now let end users access files while offline or experiencing a bad network connection. You can select the files you need to access, and Teams will store a downloaded version. This feature will be available via the Teams Android app.
    • New built-in Azure AD roles
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has introduced the following built-in roles in Azure AD for the purposes of managing Microsoft Viva Topics and Exchange Online admin settings:
        • Knowledge Manager (can create and manage content)
        • Knowledge Admin (has full access to learning, knowledge and intelligent feature settings via the Microsoft 365 admin center)
        • Exchange Recipient Admin (has read access to recipients and write access to recipient attributes via Exchange Online).
    • Proxy addresses in Outlook on the Web
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced that Outlook on the web will soon natively support sending from a proxy address utilizing a drop-down list in the compose pane.
    • Public preview: Content migration from Google Workspace
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced a public preview of a feature that will give admins the ability to move content to Microsoft 365 from Google Workspace.

Updated Features

    • Microsoft Whiteboard to switch storage to OneDrive for Business
      • What’s happening: Beginning in October 2021, newly created whiteboards will be stored in OneDrive for Business. This is part of an effort to rebuild Microsoft Whiteboard to integrate seamlessly across the Microsoft 365 suite.
    • Updated accessibility for Teams meetings and join links
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced changes to the accessibility of Teams meetings and join links for meeting organizers with revoked scheduling capabilities. Now, even if the meeting organizer has their scheduling permission revoked after the creation of the meeting, Teams meeting URLs will remain accessible before, during and after the scheduled meeting time.
    • “In development for Microsoft Intune” page updated
      • What’s happening: An updated version of this page is now available in Microsoft’s documentation.
    • Service Health Dashboard and Incident Communications Enhancements
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has announced plans to update the Service Health Dashboard to streamline the process of finding out about active issues.
      • Rollout start: Early May 2021
      • Rollout finish: End of June 2021
    • Updates issued for Current Channel for Microsoft 365 Apps
      • What’s happening: Microsoft has released updates to the Current Channel for Microsoft 365 Apps.
    • Enhanced grid view keyboard in Microsoft Lists
      • What’s happening: With this update, SharePoint end users will enjoy a faster editing experience in addition to improved accessibility.

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